Supercharged vs Turbocharged

Mustang supercharged vs turbocharged Civic

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Turbo Integra VS Supercharged Mustang
This was supposed to be just a friendly meet between two with similar horsepower to the wheels .It didnt seem to turn out that way as you will see. Just listen to the Integra as it passes and tell me what you dont hear.....

Mustang GT 2006 Turbo VS Camaro SS Supercharged
my Mustang 2006 turbo vs Camaro ss superchaded..i car spin the whole 1st and 2nd gear..

Doug's Turbocharged Supra vs Supercharged Viper
Doug's 95 74GTS Single turbo Supra vs a Viper with a Roe Supercharger. The Supra's low trap is due to letting off the gas before crossing the line. The song is Kid Rock - American Badass

Super Charged IS300 vs. Turbo Charged IS300
two IS's going at it.