Twin turbo SRT4 bov

video uploaded from my mobile phone

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Backyard Turbo Build Runs Boosted For The First Time
The protégé build is finally done. Sorta.

My twin turbo SRT4

SRT 4 Twin Turbo Prototype
From way back in the day! :) Second Darrel Cox Twin turbo, part shot.

Srt 4 57trim 21 psi vs Srt 4 Twin Turbo 25 psi
Srt 4 - 57trim, 21 Psi, bolt ons, 750 AGP Injectors, 255 walbro, Dsp untuned. Srt 4 - DCR Twin turbo (E1/Stock turbo), 25psi, 750 injectors, 255 walbro, Bolt ons, Dsp untuned.