Twin turbo SRT4 bov

video uploaded from my mobile phone

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Backyard Turbo Build Runs Boosted For The First Time
The protégé build is finally done. Sorta.

High Speed Runs: Twin Turbo CTS-V - 911 Turbo X50 - SRT-4 and Turbo Civics
Some high speed runs in Mexico Song is Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine, I do not own any licensing rights.

Sick 2005 srt 4 exhaust and bov
My 2005 srt4 nothing crazy just a light throttle shift thru 1st and second. If you watch closely you can see dust fly up off the road from my bov when I shift from 1st to 2nd

srt4 twin turbo
dcr twin turbo setup 11psi stage 1 injectors stock tune 305 whp on Dyno on third gear pull