BMW 320 170hp 2010 topspeed

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2010 BMW 320i E90 170 Hp automatic 0-100 km/h acceleration/разгон (9 sec)
2L, I4, 16V, 170 Hp, 210 Nm, RWD, 6-speed automatic Subscribe for more videos:

BMW E90 320i 0-200 km/h
Acceleration of a BMW E90 320i with 150 hp from 0-200 km/h...

Bmw 325i E90 100-250km/h
325i E90 218hp 2.5 litre 2497cmc (152.376 cu in) N52B25 Engine power: 160.3KW Model for Europe!

e90 320i top speed 245km/h
e90 320i 2009 156 hp son hız