Vintage Race Car "CHECKERS OR WRECKERS" #1

Here's a video I put together of both past and present day vintage Stock Cars and Modifieds crashing and burning....CHECKERS OR WRECKERS!!! Brought to by Ron Coon Motorsports.

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Vintage Race Car Crashes
Around 4-minutes of the most insane vintage race crashes. We like to think that everyone walked away with their lives and most of their limbs.

Boot Hill in the 70's

Vintage Dirt Track Racing Of Today Pt 1
Here's just a few of many photos I have taken at vintage dirt track racing events in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, and New York over the last 18 years.

Here are some pics I took in Lincoln, NE at Speedway Motors' Museum of American Speed. If you get the chance it's well worth the money and time. These are just a few of the pics I could have taken :( Check out info on it at