Vintage Race Car "CHECKERS OR WRECKERS" #1

Here's a video I put together of both past and present day vintage Stock Cars and Modifieds crashing and burning....CHECKERS OR WRECKERS!!! Brought to by Ron Coon Motorsports.

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Here' s some Vintage Dirt Super Modified in car camera action brought to you by Ron Coon Motorsports. Ride with Ron Coon at Adams County Speedway.

Abandoned race track and race cars
Taking a walk around a small town race track. The tracks name was Perth Speedway and operated from the early 50's into the late 70's. Part 2) Facebook: Contact me:

Ray Evernham Introduces the New Legends Dirt Modified
The new Legends Dirt Modified race car from US Legend Cars International is designed from the ground up to provide a great racing experience for both newcomers and dirt racing veterans. Legendary crew chief and car owner Ray Evernham played a major role in this new car's development, and here he helps explain this new car's many great features. For more information, please check out

Dirt Track Cars
My first video, so be nice! Just a collection of some of my cars, random dirt track and pavement cars, and the very cool vintage cars. Just got bored, decided to play with windows movie maker. Song is "The Deceitful Race" by Seventribe from there album "Arrgo Necesse Est", check them out. Only song i had at the time. And yes, i know I spelled Deceitful wrong in the video. I HAVE DISABLED COMMENTS! tired of people saying they dont like the music. IF YOU DONT LIKE THE SONG FEEL FREE TO MUTE IT.