Chevy Colorado WIth Cherry BOMB

2005 Chevy Colorado has a Cherry bomb glasspack its from the 1990s muffler.

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Colorado 2005 Magnaflow
Have dual magnaflow Exhaust..

05 Colorado ricer tip
So I bought this muffler tip 2 years ago and never did anything with it. Got tired of looking at it so I decided to throw it on the Colorado. I did a half ass job putting it on, but wanted an idea of what my truck sounds like with it. I plan on ripping the whole Exhaust off and putting a new complete 3in with the Magnaflow glasspack and headers.

05 chevy colorado with thrush glasspack
This is my 2005 Chevy Colorado with a Thrush Glasspack and straight pipe

cherry bomb extreme on a colorado
short video of the Exhaust on my colorado