Chevy Colorado WIth Cherry BOMB

2005 Chevy Colorado has a Cherry bomb glasspack its from the 1990s muffler.

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05 Colorado ricer tip
So I bought this muffler tip 2 years ago and never did anything with it. Got tired of looking at it so I decided to throw it on the Colorado. I did a half ass job putting it on, but wanted an idea of what my truck sounds like with it. I plan on ripping the whole Exhaust off and putting a new complete 3in with the Magnaflow glasspack and headers.

05 chevy colorado with thrush glasspack
This is my 2005 Chevy Colorado with a Thrush Glasspack and straight pipe

Colorado 2005 Magnaflow
Have dual magnaflow Exhaust..

Not your everyday Chevy Colorado teeruk!!!!!
This video is of a Chevy colorado pickup truck I saw north of Rapid River, Michigan while driving home from Escanaba. This is not your "run of the mill" Chevy Colorado. The owner of this truck put WIDE high performance tires (like those on a corvette or Mustang) on his truck. He also put dual Exhausts and glasspacks on that thing too. You couldnt hear it in the video....but that truck had an inline 5 cylinder engine and it sounded like a gas powered "weedwhipper" on steroids instead of a pickup truck. Gotta tell you.....I haven't seen a Chevy colorado like this before!!!!