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Hyundai Genesis Concept Car
2015 Hyundai Concept car has taken a much more aggressive approach with the HCD-14 Model. Older concepts can still be very inspiring! Solar Panels on roof, Wide mirrors, LED Lights, Wide body.. Looks much like an audi in the front, and some say a BMW from the rear! 19 Inch Wheels. Carbon Fiber Accents

Hyundai Grandeur HG(Azera) Garcia Airforce Airsuspension A-Level.
Hyundai Grandeur HG(Azera) Garcia Airforce Airsuspension SmartRide & A-Level

Hyundai Grandeur XG - 1998 Global Ad Launch
I really don't understand the concept behind the first part of this video. The music and setting makes this car appear to have been created to haunt people. A few years after this campaign, an Australian ad for the car showed it in a dark garage, at night, where the headlights morph into the eyes of a feline, whilst a wolf cry can be heard in the background. Exactly who was this car pitched to?

Korean used Car - 2006 Hyundai Grandeur TG Q270 (goldrush2013-004) []
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