Limit Pushing - Pontiac Grand Prix 0-60 Test

2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE 0-60 Test The Pontiac Grand Prix: The Pontiac Grand Prix is was first introduced in 1962 as a full-sized automobile. John De Lorean put a great deal of development into the original Grand Prix, which was seen in the full sport options. The Grand Prix went through six generations until its update as the seventh generation on the GM W platform in 2004. The seventh generation was split into four options groups with the first groups sporting the series III 3800 200 hp V6 engine and the last two groups (the competition groups) hosting a series III 3800 with a Supercharger installed to bring the hp up to 260 hp. The seventh generation suffered declining sales and the car was eventually phased out into the G8 before Pontiac's demise.

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Limit Pushing - Ford Taurus Top Speed Test...Sorta
We thought this was pretty funny. We hope you think its funny too. Look for the needle jumping when the gauge is maxed out. The Ford Taurus: The Ford Taurus was introduced in the 1986 and has survived for six generations. It has served as a platform for both the Mercury Sable and the FWD Lincoln Continental. Selling over 7,000,000 cars, the Taurus line is one of the top selling Ford models in the company's history. The Taurus was discontinued in 2007 until its revival through the renaming of the 2008 Five Hundred as the Taurus.

Limit Pushing - Ford F-250 Harley Davidson 0-60
Ford F-250 Harley Davidson 0-60 Test The F-Series and Harley-Davidson Edition: The F-Series is a series of full-size pickup trucks by Ford sold since the 40's. Over the years the F-series has become the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 24 years and has been the best-selling truck for 34 years. The F-Series trucks make up half of the Ford Motor Company's profits in recent years. The Ford Super Duty series is a line of commercial pickup trucks introduced in 1998. The F-250 to F-550 Super Duties are assembled at the Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville, Kentucky. The F-650 and F-750 Super Duties are assembled at the Blue Diamond Truck plant in Mexico. The Super Duty trucks are larger, heavier built commercial pickup trucks with heavier bodies making up the steel ladder frames, axles, springs, brakes, transmissions, more powerful engines, and all other heavier components (with much higher payload and towing capacities) than the older F-250 and F-350 models. The two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive model bodies are the same in the F-250 and F-350 series, making conversion from a two-wheel drive model to a four-wheel drive model much easier. The Harley-Davidson edition F-series vehicles were introduced in a redesign of the trucks in 1997. The Harley-Davidson edition featured 20-inch chrome wheels wearing fat 275/45R20 tires, special black paint scheme with flame striping and obligatory Harley emblems and a black leather interior.

Limit Pushing - Infiniti G35x 0-60 Test
Infiniti G35x 0-60 Test The Infiniti G35: In the early 2000's, Infinity was in trouble and needed something to save the brand. The G35 along with a line of other dynamic cars would help to keep the company around. The third generation of Infiniti's G series was introduced in 2003 as the G35. The new was based on the same platform as the Nissan 350Z and the Infinity FX where the car's engine was placed closer towards the middle of the car. The engine of choice would be the more than stellar 3.5 liter 260 and 280 hp VQ35DE engine. The combination of the G35's 50/50 weight distribution and VQ35DE engine made this car an exciting buy. An AWD model of the G35 was introduced in 2004 by the name of the G35x and utilized Nissan's high tech ATTESA E-TS AWD system.

Limit Pushing - Acura TL 0-60 Test (Wet)
With the new video that I just posted of the TL's 0-60 in the dry, it really is interesting to see just how much rain really affects acceleration on an everyday car. The Acura TL: The Acura TL was introduced in 1995 to replace the Vigor. Acura badged the "TL" to stand for touring luxury. The TL has been through four generations with the latest model offered in 2009. The original TL was powered by a 2.5 liter I5 engine that produced 175 hp. Eventually, the TL replaced the 5 cylinder engine for a V6 and has been powered by a V6 ever since. The TL is Acura's best-selling car and is ranked the second best selling luxury car in America after the 3-series. The TL is also known as the Honda Inspire.