My 2006 GTO M6 stock w/vararam vs 2009 G8 GT w/vararam

My 2006 GTO 6 speed. Stock with a vararam. The G8 GT has a Vararam and tune from a handheld programmer. The board on the left was broken so it didn't show my time... This was the last Last Funday Sunday ever at Orlando Speed World. 12/1/12 I ran a 13.0 @ 107.81 - 60foot: 2.01 He ran a 13.4 @ 107

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GTO vs Cobra vs G8
My GTO vs my buddies Cobra and G8.

2005 Pontiac GTO vs. Pontiac G8
95 degree day at Bristol, TN

2006 GTO vs 2009 g8
my cam, stall, full bolt on gto vs my buddies mildly modded g8. my time was 7.93@94 to his 8.9

G8 GT Full Bolt ons vs GTO 5.7L Supercharged
g8 gt full bolt ons and tune gto superchaged auto 5.7