Motorcycle Motor Swap GS500

I didn't have a title for my bike and it looked like it was going to cost a good amount to get a bonded title so I decided to by another frame instead. I picked up a newer frame that was in better condition and had a title off of craigslist for 200$ and set my motor in it.

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Gsxr SRAD 600 engine swap to 1000 engine!!Suzuki!!
This is the steps of the engine swap. did it just over 2 months. Engine was bought threw ebay. the original the man that performed the swap was Ryan Kitchens. not me but if you have questions ill try the best to answer. I just made this video for him.

GS Suzuki engine removal
This is the easy way to do it. I use an automotive floor jack, a short piece of 2 X 6 under the engine with short pieces of wood to level the engine and jack up just enough to clear the frame and rear motor mount ears. If you enjoy struggling, do it another way.

Christmas '08 I gave my daughter a GS500.