2008 Nissan 350Z - Nismo Dual Cold Air Intake Revving

My 2008 350Z just installed the Nismo dual CAI. Car is all stock except for intake. Getting Dyno tune this week. More videos to be posted. It is so much louder in person.

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350z Momentum Intake Install
On today's episode, with the help of my friend Joey we install the Momentum performance cold air intake on the Z. Enjoy

Custom Intakes vs Stillen Intakes Dyno - 2008 Nissan 350z
Had CIN Motorsports fab me up some custom 3" intakes for my HR, and retune the car for me to see what gains were there. The reason I didn't hit 303/272 like my other video, is because I have a 3.9 final drive in this vid, whereas I had a 3.5 (stock) final drive in the 303/272 run. With the 3.5 diff, who knows, numbers very well could be 317/282.

2008 Nissan 350Z NISMO Edition Tour
I went to my local Nissan dealer today to look at a particular car I saw on their website yesterday. Well they had sold it, so I turned to leave and spotted this beautiful car! And it was unlocked too! I didn't wanna know the price since I KNEW it was going to be outside my budget. What a treat to see one of these things up close. Enjoy the videos everyone, and I will try to see if I can find some more nice cars around here at the local dealers to possibly tour later on. Oh and btw, the color is not called "Arrest Me Red", It's called Nogaro Red, just as an fyi for those of you who are anal about those things! :)

Nissan 350z touring easy upgrades
painted dash and navi