2008 Nissan 350Z - Nismo Dual Cold Air Intake Revving

My 2008 350Z just installed the Nismo dual CAI. Car is all stock except for intake. Getting Dyno tune this week. More videos to be posted. It is so much louder in person.

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2008 Nissan 350Z - Nismo Cold Air Intake test drive.
Driving the Z with the windows up and down to show the difference of the Nismo CAI.

nismo dual cold air intake 2008 350z
nismo dual Cold Air Intake on 2008 350z

2009 Infiniti G37S with K&N Typhoon Dual Cold Air Intake
After installing the K&N intakes I wanted to drive around my neighborhood a bit to give a perspective of the intake noise level difference from stock. Normal driving doesn't seem to have any noticeable decibel change. Full throttle has a very noticeable decibel change, as can be heard. Also, for anyone looking at this system, it does add about 22 crank horsepower and around 14 wheel horsepower. You can feel the difference. Enjoy!

07 350z w/ Weapon R Secret Dual Intake
Weapons R Secret Dual Intake, also have Greddy Evo2 Exhaust.