Audi A4, Ice racing

Roger Mecca Hosts Nice Drives web show featuring the Audi A4 on ice.

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Audi A4 2.0t quattro drifting on ice track
Taking the Audi around a track on a lake in Sweden. Audi A4 2.0tfsi quattro Stertman Stage 1.5+ Giac ECU Autotech hpfp Milltek catback.

VW MK V GTI review.
Roger Mecca from reviews the VW MK V GTI.

Audis on Ice - KBB puts Quattro to the test
Audi invited us to Canada to drive some of their all-wheel drive equipped cars on ice. Little did we know we'd be piloting a host of cars unavailable in the United States. In this video Kelley Blue Book's Micah Muzio drives the Audi RS5, A1 and A7; each equipped with Quattro all-wheel drive. Kelley Blue Book is your source for car reviews, road tests, new car launches & auto show videos. Subscribe to catch all the latest Kelley Blue Book video reviews. To follow Micah on Twitter, please visit:

audi a6 c5 2.4 quattro off road
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