My 1998 Grand Prix GTP

I sold the firebird and got this car. I needed something with more power and FWD. I was really looking for a regular commuter car but we stumbled upon this car and had to have it. Its got a supercharged 3800 motor and sun roof, block heater, heated seats, heads up display and many more extras. Its not in perfect shape but is still a nice car and I love it :-). Car was made in Kansas City.

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1998 Pontiac Grand Prix Interior

Built 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 140mph run
Filmed in Mexico

1998 Grand Prix GTP cold start -5* F
I filmed this on January 28, 2014. It was -5 degrees at the time (I know the car says 3, but the sensor is going out). The whining noise you hear towards the end of the video is the Supercharger, but it's not usually that loud. Took it for a drive after about 10 min. of warmup and wouldn't go into 4th for like 3-4 miles (doesn't do that very often).

1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP video walk-around at Apple Chevr
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP video walk-around at Apple Chevrolet by Lynda Sears.,