My 1998 Grand Prix GTP

I sold the firebird and got this car. I needed something with more power and FWD. I was really looking for a regular commuter car but we stumbled upon this car and had to have it. Its got a supercharged 3800 motor and sun roof, block heater, heated seats, heads up display and many more extras. Its not in perfect shape but is still a nice car and I love it :-). Car was made in Kansas City.

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2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
Just a walkaround of my car. It's all stock (for now at least). Taken with iPod Touch

Last video of my built 02 GTP
Mods I had on the gtp from 12/29/06 - 10/3/11... p&p sc/intake, p&p stage 1 cNc heads, 3.0 mps, 72mm tb, ss Intercooler, tog headers, 3inch from the dp bacc, magnaflow mufflers, 3000 stall, 329 gears, 160 t-stat, blocc bored 40 over, 105lbs vs, compcam lifters, VS cam, 42lbs injectors, compcam push rods, zzp vales, k&n fliter.

1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP video walk-around at Apple Chevr
1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP video walk-around at Apple Chevrolet by Lynda Sears.,

1998 Grand Prix GTP CUSTOM PAINT
black gtp strip, repair, refinish and paint. 2 weeks worth of work done up in a 6 min video.