Cummins 12 valve Acceleration

My buddies 1996 cummins 12 Valve. All thats been done to the truck is intake, Exhaust, and no fuel plate

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Home made Injector Removal tool 5.9 Cummins 12 valve
Engine is a 1989-90 12 Valve.. Remove the retaining nut first, then use the tool to pull the injector.... Lug nut is off an 80's Toyota 4wd pickup...

97 12v cummins cold start
Starwheel adjusted, no fuel plate, 4in Exhaust. Billet single disk converter with suncoast extreme duty rebuild kit and transgo shift kit. Idle is low needs to be raised some as you can see in video. Idles at around 700 rpm when warmed though. About 30 degrees out.

Cummins Acceleration 12V
1997 2500 12V 5spd 2wd #100 plate, starwheel turned all the way, BHAF, 5" straight pipe..

1996 cummins 12 valve -6 degrees farenheit cold start
My 1996 cummins workin hard to start in -6 weather, 300,000 hard miles on her, 3 cycles of the grid heater to get her going. Just have the starwheel turned up and a strait pipe on it. Not plugged in and sat out all night.