700hp tubular frame Audi S2 former F1-driver Mika Salo testdrive

driver Antti Oksa / build by Petteri Lindström IMSA Sipoo ---- Jos olet vitullinen idiootti, älä kommentoi videota kiitos. /user/kuatro1000 For more videos of the car in action.

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Audi S2 4WD over 700hp
Scandinavian Power, an Audi S2 tubular frame conversion, full build race Audi 5 cyl. 20V turbo, 700 Hp.

Audi S1 1000hp Build & Testdrive by KRB Trading
KRB Trading in Norway inhouse buildt Audi S1 1000hp Pikes Peak "replica" RACING spaceframe build!! NUTS. http://OddisProductions.com Music: 0 - 0.54 ...

a4 holset hx35w, poor quality
Fresh build engine, tdi bearings, wiseco +0.5, eagle rods, n/a 1.8 both cams, po-metal7kg singlemass flywheel, sachs hd clutch, amw diy intakemanifold, 70mm ...

Audi 200 Holset HX52 First Start
My Audi 200 with 67mm Holset HX52, VEMS, tubular Exhaust manifold and custom intake manifold by Hank Iroz.