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BMW M50B28 Turbo GTW3884 (62mm) @ 1.5 Bar. WHP on Mainline Dyno
Well bulit HEAD with "crank" lift rate cam profile on solid valve train. Inconell +1mm EX. Stainless std. IN. 100 KG Springs. Tubular T4 Twinscrol Header. AR 1.15 T4 Twin. 89mm Exhaust, open WG. Compressor is in chocke :) :) 1:1 Delta Pressure up to 5500 RPM. So give overlap, vanos ON! RPM Limiter @ 7450. No Balls to rev higher.... 1 bar Boost on 3rd Gear @ 3750 rpm. Full Boost 4200 Rpm. Not on Pump Gas

BMW M50B28 Turbo WHP on Mainline Dyno @ 1 Bar GTW3884 1.32 AR T4 Twin
On Pump Gas, with 1000 ccm auxiliary Methanol Injection. MAX RPM 7850. CR 9.5:1 Boost creeped to 1.2 at top end (Tial MV-R WG did chocke) Well built head, proper turbo Cams. T4 twin tubular header. GTW3884 62mm compressor 74mm turbine. 1.32 AR T4 Divided. 89mm Exhaust. WG dump pipe to athosphere. Aggressive Ignition Timing.

exhaust manifold glows very red !!!
Exhaust manifold glows very red !!!

OSCar eO Frame Completed and Moved for Painting
The tubular frame of OSCar eO was finished on September 5 and was moved to sandblasting and later painted white.