Skateboarder fight

Anthony Shetlers Its your world video trailer

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Angry dad Fights Young Skater!
instagram @Medicadetion Comment your thoughts. the Dad was yelling at the kid because the kid was cussing near his children. but still threatening to beat up a kid isn't cool. Took place in Richmond VA Ashland Skatepark. Angry mom fights skaters!

Skate park fight
Little kids talk alot, nothing. They make no sense. He can't say punk, he says puck. He cant say teeth, he says teef

skateboarding and then i get yelled at... its ridiculous. MY FUNNY ACCOUNT MY PERSONAL ACOUNT

Angry skier dad tries to fight snowboarders
angry skier dad tries to start shit with snowboarders on blackcomb mountain whistler bc Note: This is not my video. All credit goes to family tree and the crew. props guys!!