Skateboarder fight

Anthony Shetlers Its your world video trailer

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Skate fight

Angry dad Fights Young Skater!
instagram @Medicadetion Comment your thoughts. the Dad was yelling at the kid because the kid was cussing near his children. but still threatening to beat up a kid isn't cool. Took place in Richmond VA Ashland Skatepark. Angry mom fights skaters!

Skater Vs Drunk Dad
ALL SKATEBOARDERS MUST WATCH!!! First of all nobody hit him because we are out for a skate not a fight if it went any further im sure nicky or bummer would have flopped him .... music is on there because its a joke all the guy is saying is pavement blah blah Just Hill Bombing and this guy was going mad about riding on the pavements!!

Fight at the skatepark.
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