Skateboarder fight

Anthony Shetlers Its your world video trailer

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Skater Vs Drunk Dad
ALL SKATEBOARDERS MUST WATCH!!! First of all nobody hit him because we are out for a skate not a fight if it went any further im sure nicky or bummer would have flopped him .... music is on there because its a joke all the guy is saying is pavement blah blah Just Hill Bombing and this guy was going mad about riding on the pavements!!

gang fight! knocked out!
WARNING! CONTAINS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE! Subscribe to see the retaliation video..I meant sequel. More videos to come. UPDATE: This gangsta granny don't put up with no one! Feel free to subscribe. Thanks, Ousa

10 MOST AMAZING SKATEBOARDS riddle brain test top 5

Crazy dad attacks skater
Crazy dad attacking skaters and trying to fight them. This guy came out of nowhere and didn't own any of this property. We did not damage his car or anyone else's ever, he was just looking to pick on some younger kids..., for all I know maybe he wanted to get his son a new skateboard. This guy was way out of line, and started getting violent he's lucky we didn't press charges.