Running a Vectra engine for the very last time

Nothing exciting - just me starting and running my Vectra for the very last time before breaking the car up. This was the last time this X20XEV was going to run lol!

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opel vectra A compilation
opel vectra A compilation

Stripping a k-series head

Radiator Flush & Minor Leak Repair (Opel Astra)
Spend a day giving your radiator and cooling system a bit of care. Be patient with allowing the engine to warm up and cool down. Do it properly!

Vectra DTi not starting
Before the Signum I owned a Vectra 2.0DTi. Spetember 2007 - replaced 3 glowplugs. January 2008 - diagnosed a problem at 1 glowplug (that's why the engine management light is on); not replaced. February 2008 - cold morning and the Vec refused to start up. You can hear my mother whispering "It won't!...It's dosn't fire up!" xD...Then my friend helped me by pushing the car. Since then, there have been no problems with it...but now I don't really care anymore - sold it back to the dealer and bought the Signum ;)