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Running a Vectra engine for the very last time

Nothing exciting - just me starting and running my Vectra for the very last time before breaking the car up. This was the last time this X20XEV was going to run lol!


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Dad's car gets scrapped !!
I drive to Liverpool in my dads old car to get scrapped, Dave and his son Simon were there to watch too!

Vectra engine sounding poorly
Does this sound broken

vauxhall vectra 1,7 turbo diesel timing belt installation
timing belt installation on a vauxhall / opel vectra 1.7 turbo diesel

Opel Omega 2.0 Ecotec 97 x20xev engine sound
sounds like a diesel

Water Pump 2.0 16V X20XEV Opel Omega
Pompa wody Opel Omega

Vectra Turbo 19" - Cuiabá
Vectra turbo de Cuiabá - MT. Destaque do mês de abril/06 no site carros de rua (www.carrosderua.com.br). Fotos: http://www.carrosderua.com.br/web/destaque/30/Vip_Style O carro ja foi desmontado.

cambelt snapping as engine running with a bit of help bravo hgt 2.0 20v damage
my new cambelt tensioner idea didnt work out to well before it went to the crusher

Mk3 Astra getting scrapped
This Mk3 Astra gets its engine ripped out before being crushed

KTM Snaps In Half
http://facebook.com/MarkFreeman408 http://instagram.com/MarkFreeman408 Local Rider breaks his KTM bike in 2 pieces after jumping the step down at the Freeman Compound. Filmed By Zan Freeman

the scrapper
The scrapping of a car

the Vectra from Hell
This is a Vectra A (1988-1995) which is considered to be the most succesful model Opel have ever made. It had a variety of engines developing power in the range between 57-204 bhp,diesel and petrol, both front wheel drive and 4x4. Opel also made a Coupe version and named it Calibra, which is the single most beautiful coupe in history. The 204 bhp Vectra had a 2 litre turbo petrol engine. The Vectra on this video had that particular engine, but Boosted up to 310 bhp. This car is as fast as Corvette C6 on a drag race. The speed is meassured in KM/H!!! Vectra A - not dead Stratro, mora i tvojata vaka da odi!

Opel Vectra B - Forever in our hearts!
one great car

Extreme Engine Failure
This engine was donated to a school's automotive program, had outlived its usefulness, and was scheduled to be sent to the junkyard. By contractual law, it had to be destroyed or re-donated once we were done with it. It could not be sold or parted out. This video was part of a recruiting video hence the music. I'm working on posting the original clip without the music.

Vectra B

Why you should replace your timing belt
http://www.carrepairtemecula.com/ A customer didn't replace their timing belt at the recommended interval. The belt broke. Major engine followed

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