Brenda's Studebaker burns it up!

OK in most sports men and women compete separately, segregated. But in motor sports that's not the case, two cars, two drivers face off and may the best person win. But there is more to racing than just competing. This is Brenda in her Studebaker. She's a trophy winner with her Model-T.

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Okanagan Motorcycle Ride for Dads 2009
Hundreds of motorcycle riders participated in the first Okanagan Motorcycle Ride for Dads charity event on June 7 2009. The ride started at City Park in Kelowna, making it's way south through Peachland, Summerland, Penticton and Osoyoos before turning east towards Rock Creek. From Rock Creek it was back to Kelowna along highway 33. Please note at the beginning of the video I put in a clip of bikers drag racing at Thunder Mountain, bike riding in the Okanagan takes many forms. music by Jason Shaw

Track-side with drag racers
At a smaller racetrack like Thunder Mountain Raceways you are not just a spectator, you can be as much part of the action as you want. Wandering around the parking-lot while the cars and drivers go through the check all is a part of drag racing and the motor sport experience.

Who cares? Okanagan Motorcycle Ride for Dad's, that's who.
Motorcycle riders often get a bad rap, but in reality most of the riders are just like you and I, and the riders are involved in a variety of charities. Okanagan Motorcycle Ride for Dad's is about fighting prostate cancer. The unofficial total raised: $20,000 CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE RIDERS!! Thanks to all the committee members for their hard work & promotion. Donations can still be made directly to the cause online, or through the mail. Visit

Split Second - Reaction Time in Drag Racing
The drag race is over many times in the first fraction of a second, which ever driver has the quicker reaction time when the lights change and can anticipate the start goes home the victor.