How Not to get off a motorcycle

Lol 63 going on retard.

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Suzuki GSXR 1000 Frontflip Accident
Attempting to frontflip a Suzuki GSX-R 1000 sportsbike into a foampit doesn't go according to plan. Taken from the Adrenalin Crew video.

DRAMATIC pursuit motorcycle vs cop - biker vs Police Chases [MOTO VS COP EPS# 01]
SUPORT US GIVE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE : [BEST OF THE MONTH ] biker save suicidal guy► moto vs cop eps#11► make a kid's day► roadrage ► All of the video material we use is owned by the copyright holder Please visit the links we have provided to visit original owners and video sources ♣ ► SMASH SUBSCRIBE BUTTON TO THEM ◄ ♣ Cops Chase Biker After Doing Crazy Tandem Wheelies on the Street Police ask biker for a Wheelie then turns lights on! LANE SPLITTING trophy! Delta Police Officers pull over motorcyclist travelling 213 km/hr Cop gets mad at bikers for revving their engines Police Harassment Caught playing with clutch by police Random Riders - Cop Rear Ends Motorcycle Getting pulled over on my motorcycle Koniec sezonu i taka sytuacja :) #21/2014 First ticket for lane splitting Motorcycle pulled over by the police! Cool cops in Fresno | GSXR 750 MotoVlog PLEASE CONTACT IF CREDIT IS MISSING.

R6 Crash......what did I do wrong?
This morning I made a mistake and laid my baby blue down (99 R6). Lets see if you can guess what stupid mistake I made! Crash is at 8 minutes, i forgot to trim! Check out my explanation video!

How Not to Start a Group Ride
Rider forgets to put up kickstand when pulling out at start of group ride. Hilarity ensues. Luckily, both bike and rider were fine.