Variation Alert! Hot Wheels 2013 Custom Cadillac Fleetwood

There are many facets to collecting and variation hunting keeps it interesting. As to whether any of them become valuable depends on the make and model as well as the variation. Rarity is a major factor. But when a model first appears, it will take time before we really know how rare a variation truly was. It may be super hard to find in the major toy stores like Toys R Us, Target, Walmart and Kmart but then a few months later, the secondary stores such as Big Lots, Meijers and 99 Cents Only stores might wind up with tons of them.

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Hot Wheels Color Splash & Trash Science Lab Color Shifter Ooze Volcano FUN
Hot Wheels toy car reviews are fun once you add Om Nom, Slime, Silly String, Trashies & Volcano experiment to the mix. The Hot Wheels City Color Splash Science Lab brings out the mad scientist in you! This Hot Wheels playset relys on color changing technology that uses hot and cold water to change the color of your Hot Wheels (color shifters) cars. Children LOVE to create custom cars by this process. Because of the chemistry feel of this Hot Wheels playset and the fact it's shaped like a volcano it's perfect for some safe simple science. Just mix baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) with vinegar. The reaction is a fizzy gas generator thats used as Volcano science experiments. When Baking soda and vinegar are combined, it makes a chemical reaction as the Acetic acid in the vinegar reacts with Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda). We added some food coloring for more fun. The result is some water, Sodium Acetate and Carbon Dioxide gas (the bubbles). What actually happens is this. The acetic acid (sour taste in vinegar) reacts with sodium bicarbonate (a compound that's in baking soda) to form carbonic acid. It's really a double replacement reaction. Carbonic acid is unstable, and it immediately falls apart into carbon dioxide and water. This is known as a decomposition reaction. The bubbles you see from the reaction come from the carbon dioxide escaping the solution that is left. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, so, it flows almost like water when it overflows the container. It is a gas CO2 that you exhale small amounts of, it's a product of the reactions that keep your body going. What's left is a dilute solution of sodium acetate in water. The chemical reaction looks like this. NaHCO3 + HC2H3O2 → NaC2H3O2 + H2O + CO2 Chemistry is FUN once you add the perfect ingredients! See my review of the other Hot Wheels playset seen in this video Hot Wheels Sharkport Showdown Color Shifters Shark & Dinosaur Attack Web Links :

Track Time! 2015 D Case Shout-Outs with Hot Wheels Big Air Jump Track Time By RaceGrooves
Visit my Track Time By RaceGrooves Playlist Shout-Outs come from my newest case unboxing video When I do a basic car unboxing video, post a suggestion or two of models that came from that video and you have a chance at a shout-out. My original Big Air Jump review (Jan 2011) Models used in this 2015 D - Big Air Jump video Battle Spec RD-08 Batmobile (big wing) Batman Live! Batmobile '90 Honda Civic EF Porsche 911 GT3 RS Speedbox Vandetta Bentley Continental Supersports '67 Austin Mini Van Backdrafter 5 Alarm '74 Brazilian Dodge Charger 1971 Buick Riviera GT Hunter Winning Formula '15 Ford F-150 Hiway Hauler 2 Fast Felion '13 COPO Camaro Speedbox also appeared in Track Time 2013 N RD-08 was an original AcceleRacers Drone My Batmobile playlist The Brazilian Charger also appeared in 2014 D Fast Felion also appeared Trick Tracks Speed Hill 5 Alarm also appeared in 2014 E Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Boulder Bash Canyon Extreme Shoxx From Hot Wheels
Extreme Shoxx Playlist Trucks and Playsets I bought this at Toys R Us for under $20 USD. The Extreme Shoxx trucks have a suspension system so jumps and rough terrain are fun to drive on! You will see in this video how much better they land than regular Hot Wheels. This set came with one Extreme Shoxx vehicle: Baja Truck (white) I also tested these regular, basic Hot Wheels Bad Mudder 2 Bull Whip Dakar Max Steel turbo Racer Mountain Mauler Quicksand Roll Cage Recommended Videos, end-card annotations: Desert Loop Dare Extreme Shoxx Play Set Boulder Bash Canyon Extreme Shoxx Play Set Mega Stunt Pack Extreme Shoxx Play Set (Coming Soon) Triple Air Challenge Extreme Shoxx Vehicles: Track Testing on Hot Wheels Track Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

3a Convención Hotwheels México
Alguna fotos de la 3a Convención Hotwheels México