350Z Kenneth Moen

Drifting car Rudskogen

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Fredric Aasbø and Kenneth Moen at Solberg Extreme Motor Show 2009
Official NRK footage of Fredric Aasbo and Kenneth Moen smoking out Telenor Arena at the inaugural Solberg Extreme Motor Show.

Kenneth Takes Paradise Tina For a Spin
just one day we were bored

Powerdrift Round 1 Kristiansand 23 mai 2009 Norwegian Drifting Series
Powerdrift round 1 at Kristiansand Norway 23 Mai 2009 More Info at www.Powerdrift.no Made by www.blackboxmedia.no Music By -PhoNic- Norwegian Drifting Series

Kenneth Kenny Moen and Fredric Aasbø Crashes at FormulaD Irwindale
The twon norwegian competitors in Formula Drift both hits the wall at Round 7 2011 formula Drift :(