Caliber SRT4 vs. stg2 WRX (2nd run)

jimmy vs ian

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2017 Chryslers at Carlisle SRT4 and neons
this is some of the video is from Friday and some from Saturday check out all the srt4's and the neon's that were at the show and enjoy the sounds of the hell cats in the back ground..

Dodge Caliber SRT4 0-240km/h TOP SPEED
Untenrum ne Wucht, aber obenrum sehr mau...

Caliber SRT4 vs. Evo (Fully Built)
Modded Caliber SRT4 vs. Evo Evo 2.3L Stroker GT35R turbo 445whp 500 hp at the crank

Kal dancing pt.2
every wonder what happens when you OD on energy drinks?