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Bosozoku truck V8 first start

First start of the 4.8L ls motor


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bosozoku cars

Bosozoku Skyline "Tire stretch r14x9.5j 185\55" Part 3 booster good work
Тюнинг Nissan Skyline R30 Sedan. Bosozoku DRIFT style. И так финально видео о попытке натянуть 185\55 резину на 9j разварки. Начало, первая и вторая часть https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjryWZrqQzY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8OsKLJ91_8 В этот раз все вышло именно так как надо! Более подробно http://www.drive2.ru/cars/nissan/skyline/skyline_r30/abstudio/

Bosozoku style japanese cars 暴走族 HQ
Japanese bodystyle modification inspired by old gang and race cars.

Japanese Ricer VIP Convention!
Japanese VIP Style. I honestly have no idea what they were/are thinking, must be a japanese thing. I think its a waste of perfectly good corrolla's XD

Bosozoku 暴走族 Motorcycle Gangs from Japan (Sayonara Speed Tribes motorcycle movie Trailer)
Get the film at http://www.choppertown.com/bosozoku - An intimate portrait of Japanese outsiders living on the edge with fascinating documentation of a fading subculture some view as tradition, others as a nuisance. "Sayonara Speed Tribes"! --------------------------------BIRTH OF A BIKER NATION--------------------------- As Japan reaped the benefits of post WWII reconstruction, it began experiencing growing pains. Once famous for its spartan disciplined austerity, Japan now experienced a surge in violent student protests and rising juvenile delinquency. A yearning for revolt among Japan's youth became a chaotic, yet palpable force. Nightly gatherings of youngsters on motorbikes drawing large crowds of spectators dominated the attention of police and media outlets after the outbreak of several riots that shook the nation. The media and authorities fashioned a new model for delinquency, packaged it for the masses and penned its name in the papers: "Bosozoku". Bou 暴 means VIOLENT, Sou 走 SPEED and Zoku 族 TRIBE-- SPEED TRIBES. As the frenzy of police and media campaigns against the bikers saturated the Japan's news, the Bosozoku began flashing their outlaw image as a badge of honor. Far from destroying the Bosozoku, intense media coverage became a theatrical spotlight for gangsters who craved fame at all costs. --------------------------------------KAMIKAZE BIKERS----------------------------- Bosozoku wear tokkofuku (battle uniforms)—nationalistic, kamikaze-themed uniforms designed with gang icons and embroidered with "poetry" in Japanese "kanji" characters. They ride customized, illegally modified bikes with chopped-off mufflers and ignore all traffic laws while evading police cruisers with the deft precision of fighter pilots. For decades they have ruled the streets at midnight, but times are changing fast and now, due to police pressure and shifting cultural trends, Bosozoku numbers are fading fast. For the general public, who typically view them as a nuisance, the decline of the Bosozoku is long overdue, but for Bosozoku enthusiasts, their decline is a bitter farewell to a proud tradition. For many, being a Bosozoku is a one-way journey into the underworld. ----------------------------HAZUKI, BOSOZOKU SUPERSTAR-------------------------------- "Sayonara Speed Tribes" focuses on Hazuki, former leader of the infamous Narushino Specter gang. According to Hazuki, "Once you go Bosozoku, you've turned your back on Japanese society and given up on the idea of a 'normal' life." Much to his dismay, Bosozoku is becoming mostly about fashion and joyriding, a stark contrast to Bosozoku discipline and devotion to the team or gang of his glory days as leader of Specter. Specter once ruled much of Tokyo, but now is isolated to Hazuki's home town. Meetings in tokkofuku jackets and late night kamikaze-style bike runs are becoming things of the past. Hazuki's only success in life seems to be his fame in the Bosozoku world as star of 'Teens Road,' a series of Bosozoku videos filmed early in the 1990s. Where can he carve a place out for himself in Japanese society? ---------------------------------SAMURAI BIKERS? OR BIKER PUNKS? OR BOTH?---------------------- Whether or not Bosozoku are a legitimate part of 'Japanese' culture is up for debate. "They may not be attractive in the 'Japanese sense' but in their minds they [Bosozoku] are like Samurai with warrior spirit," says Yoshinaga, a documentary photographer who works with Hazuki on magazine shoots documenting some of the few remaining Bosozoku. --------------------FINAL DAYS OR REVIVAL?-------------------------- The last stand for the bikers, as the Japanese become ever more weary of their antics, takes place in an unlikely location. On the tiny island of Okinawa, often called "Japan's Hawaii," defiant bikers still wear tokkofuku uniforms, arm themselves with baseball bats and taunt police officers; a welcome spectacle for bored kids who loiter along highways in the hopes of catching some action. This is a taste of the Bosozoku scene circa the 1970s. As sociologist Uchikoshi Masayuki puts it, "When they joyride at the main intersections and fight the police they are the heroes and the police are supporting actors." The film includes commentary on the Bosozoku from the NPA (National Police Agency), author Sato Ikuya ("Kamikaze Biker") and the general public. "SAYONARA SPEED TRIBES" offers a fascinating narrative and documents the decline of one of Japan's most colorful and controversial sub-cultures. The film blends verité footage and interviews, manga-style animation, still photography and riveting footage from bike runs. The film is sure to be a cult hit among bike enthusiasts and those looking for a ride on the wild side of Japan. 暴走族 一斉封鎖 検問 bousouzoku 大阪

全狂連 & C.R.S 連合 - 暴走族 80's Bosozoku
暴走族 全日本狂走連盟 & CRS連合  [道交法改正後] 70年代後期~80年代 Bosozoku 80's  The alliance of huge Japanese motorcycle gangs team  JOKER'S , Alley Cat's , Route20 , ZERO , TOMMY'S ,etc  昭和の暴走族 道交法改正後 70年代後期~80年代  全狂連 & C.R.S 合同集会 東京~湘南 ジョーカーズ / JOKER'S アーリー・キャッツ / Alley Cat's ルート20 / Route20 ゼロ / ZERO トミーズ / TOMMY'S 他 ◆JOKER'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE (公式サイト) http://www.geocities.jp/the_jokers53/ ◆JOKER'S Official Blog - 53FAMILY (オフィシャルブログ) http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/jokers53aoya... ≪ ←THE→ AOYAMA JOKER'S ≫ PUBLIC ROADRACE BY AOYAMA.246 ★JOKERS - 53FAMILY

ドリフト&暴走族2 怒羅権 逮捕
4分10秒ぐらいから出てくるモザイク入り特攻服ですが、 どう見ても怒羅権です。

Босозоку. Босодзоку. Bosozoku japanese style. 雷族
Bosozoku( "bo" агрессивный, антисоциальный); "so"-- мобильные; "zoku" -- банда, группировка). Участники банд устанавливали на свои автомобили большие накладки колесных арок, которые позволяли вместить широченные колеса, удлиненный капот и передние крылья -- их вытягивали вперед, чтобы сделать переднюю часть машины более агрессивной. Таким образом переделанная "морда" получила название "shark nose", или "long nose" ("акулий нос" или "длинный нос") из-за своего сходства с акулой. Еще одним признаком автомобиля босозоку является выпускная система, каждый придумывал свою собственную конструкцию. Это могли быть и две трубы в виде молний, и пересекающиеся трубы, которые образуют звезду, и просто прямые, направленные вверх, -- главное, чтобы трубы были как можно длиннее и торчали выше крыши автомобиля. Раскраска авто так же важна, как и все остальное. Во многом она навеяна теми же кольцевыми болидами из 80-х, яркие цвета и различная гоночная графика. Народная молва видела в них экс-камикадзе, из-за окончания войны не успевших отдать свои жизни за императора и стремящихся к острым ощущениям. Босодзоку были настолько неуправляемыми и скандальными, что в конце концов правительству Японии, чтобы их обуздать, пришлось создать специальные исправительные учреждения. Сейчас движение босодзоку постепенно идёт на спад, многие бывшие кланы босодзоку переквалифицировались в «старые байкерские клубы» ( 旧車會, дословно «старое мотоцикловое [машинное] общество»). Нынешние босодзоку — взрослые байкеры, вся деятельность которых находится в рамках закона. Считается, что закат субкультуры обеспечила полиция, создавшая жёсткую систему наказаний за типичные для босодзоку нарушения: например, японская автоинспекция усложнила для несовершеннолетних получение водительских прав и покупку мотоциклов. Это привело к тому, что взамен «агрессивным бандам мотоциклистов» появилось такое явление, как «агрессивные банды велосипедистов», ездившие на велосипедах в стиле босодзоку.

Underground Hero : Love To Hate Me - Maiham-Media.com Lamborghini Bosozoku Yakuza
Director / Cinematographer : Luke Huxham Maiham-Media.com Style is personal, fun is universal. That's what you need to embrace before watching this film. Morohoshi-san is living between the lines, somewhere in that gray section. Mixing with the undesirables and modifying his Lamborghini in ways most of us would never dream of doing. His style is unique and questionable but one things for sure, he's too busy having fun to care what you think! And that's truly what makes him a cool character. 今回は、超ド派手なランボルギーニに乗る日本人男性の ドキュメンタリー映像「Underground Hero: Love To Hate Me」をご紹介しよう。 この映像は、東京を拠点に活動する映像作家のルーク・ ハクスハム氏が制作したもので、諸星伸一氏なるこの男 性が、どのようにランボルギーニに魅せられていったか が描かれている。諸星氏はインタビューの中で、「ディ アブロ」を手に入れた理由や、不良として生きてきた半 生を語っている。 諸星氏の所有するディアブロには、さながらイルミネー ションのごとくネオン装飾が施されており、海外のクル マファンにとってはその改造内容にかなり興味を引かれ るはずだ。 それでは、早速ビデオをチェックしてみよう。 Maiham-Media.com メイハムメディア Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/maihammedia Instagram : #maihammedia Shot on Canon EOS-1D C @ 4K Intro Song Tatreal - Collapse

日本暴走族写真 特攻服 裏街道青春 旧車会 CBX Bosozoku

暴走族 レディース / Bosozoku - JOKER'S LADY'S
暴走族 『ジョーカーズ・レディース』 70年代中期~80年代前期  Bosozoku - JOKER'S LADY'S 70's 80's  Japanese famous motorcycle gangs girl team  A member from 14 years old to 18 years old  日本全国の暴走族の構成員数が最もピークを迎えた 70年代後半~80年代前半の黄金期。 「顔はヤバいよ!ボディーにしな ボディーに!!」 な~んて言ってるは所詮ドラマの世界。 男をも相手に一歩も引かずバチバチの殴り合い。 当時はそんな気合いの入った不良少女も多くいました。 マスコット的存在と喧嘩路線の二つの顔を持つ 「JOKER'Sレディース」のフォトムービーです。 ◆JOKER'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE (公式サイト) http://www.geocities.jp/the_jokers53/ ◆JOKER'S Official Blog - 53FAMILY (オフィシャルブログ) http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/jokers53aoyamafamily ≪ ←THE→ AOYAMA JOKER'S ≫ PUBLIC ROADRACE BY AOYAMA.246 JOKERS - 53FAMILY

【HD】 The "BosoZoku ( 暴走族 )" They are so crazy gang in Japan. Jan-2013
The word bōsōzoku is also applied to motorcycle subculture with an interest in motorcycle customizing, often illegal, and making noise by removing the mufflers on their vehicles so that more noise is produced. These bōsōzoku groups also engage in dangerous or reckless driving, such as weaving in traffic, not wearing motorcycle helmets, and running red lights. Another activity is shinai bōsō (市内暴走) speeding in city streets, not usually for street racing but more for thrills. With many bikes involved, the leading one is driven by the sentōsha (先頭車), the leader, who is responsible for the event and is not allowed to be overtaken. Japanese police call them Maru-Sō (police code マル走 or 丸走), and dispatch a police vehicle to trail any groups of bikes to prevent any possible incidents, which can include riding through suburbs at speeds of 5--10 mph, creating a loud disturbance and waving imperial Japanese flags, to starting fights which can include weapons such as wooden swords, metal pipes, baseball bats and Molotov cocktails. These bōsōzoku gangs are generally composed of people under the legal adult age, which in Japan is 20 years old. なお、センシティブな動画ですので動画サイトへの転載 は禁止します。 mixiやFB、FC2、その他の個人ブログへの使用は問 ありません。 またチャンネル桜、東スポ、TV東京以外の国内マスコ ミ及び韓国、朝鮮、支那の海外マスコミの使用は一切禁 止します。

Old School Japanese Car Love! 旧車
I keep getting messages about if the Japanese Classic Car Meet is still going on in Torrance, CA. YES! It's still going strong and people still meet on the 1st Friday of every month with a good turn out usually. Here's a video compilation of some good old fashioned J-Tin. Japanese Classics. Japanese Nostalgics. All video shot here in Southern California! Enjoy and be sure to hit the thumbs up and feel free to share this vid! Thanks for watching!

Singing Bosozoku Bikes
Singing bikes of the Bosozoku gangs at Daikoku Futo, Yokohama

nois bosozocando em hirakata !!

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