Bosozoku truck V8 first start

First start of the 4.8L ls motor

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Underground Hero : Love To Hate Me - Lamborghini Bosozoku
Director / Cinematographer : Luke Huxham Style is personal, fun is universal. That's what you need to embrace before watching this film. Morohoshi-san is living between the lines, somewhere in that gray section. Mixing with the undesirables and modifying his Lamborghini in ways most of us would never dream of doing. His style is unique and questionable but one things for sure, he's too busy having fun to care what you think! And that's truly what makes him a cool character. 今回は、超ド派手なランボルギーニに乗る日本人男性の ドキュメンタリー映像「Underground Hero: Love To Hate Me」をご紹介しよう。 この映像は、東京を拠点に活動する映像作家のルーク・ ハクスハム氏が制作したもので、諸星伸一氏なるこの男 性が、どのようにランボルギーニに魅せられていったか が描かれている。諸星氏はインタビューの中で、「ディ アブロ」を手に入れた理由や、不良として生きてきた半 生を語っている。 諸星氏の所有するディアブロには、さながらイルミネー ションのごとくネオン装飾が施されており、海外のクル マファンにとってはその改造内容にかなり興味を引かれ るはずだ。 それでは、早速ビデオをチェックしてみよう。 Facebook : Instagram : #directorlukeh Shot on Canon EOS-1D C @ 4K Intro Song Tatreal - Collapse

ド派手LEDランボルギーニ軍団 夜間首都高爆走編 パート1Tokyo Midnight LED Lambo Run Pt.1 Morohoshi-san BEST VIRAL 2014
速報!ロンドン国際モータースポーツ動画祭にて2014年 ベストバイラル動画として優勝しました! 約一ヶ月ぶりに日本へ戻ったスティーブ。今回は前回諸 星伸一氏に連れて行ってもらった東京首都高の辰巳パー キングの夜の取材をしに行きます。そこに現れたド派手 なランボルギーニ軍団はやはりあの人だった!!夜の東 京首都高爆走ドライブをお楽しみください! WINNER OF THE LONDON MOTOR FILM FESTIVAL - BEST VIRAL VIDEO OF 2014!!!!!! TOKYO MIDNIGHT LED LAMBO RUN STEVE'S POV Steve heads back to Japan about a month after meeting Morohoshi-san and heads to a late night car gathering at Tatsumi Parking Area in Tokyo. ! Little did Steve know that Morohoshi-san and his "Electric Lambo Crew" would gather for a LED Blinging, Crazy, Tokyo Midnight Lamborghini Run!! Steve's POV All English Channel- スティーブ的視点英語チャンネル- スティーブ的視点の公式サイトも見てください! Visit my new website: Interested in making your car look like the crazy LED colored rainbow car in this video? That is called "HOLOGRAM Vinyl Wrapping" and you can get it directly from Steve's POV!! LED Light Kits also now available! More info- please contact me- Need for Speed Underground Tokyo Drift Speed Racer Rainbow Tokyo Xtreme Racer Wangan Midnight Ferrari Lamborghini Diablo Gallardo Bosozoku Tron Ridge Racer Chrome Wrapped Lamborghini Hologram ホログラム LED Lights ストロボ Shot with #Gopro Part 2- Music by B3 Edited by: Brian Burns Beardsley Japanese with English subtitles. 日本語版 英語字幕 Steve's POV スティーブ的視点 Please visit my sites: スティーブ的視点関連ウエブサイト: Facebook- StevesPOV Website- Twitter- Instagram- Youtube- Ebay Store- Ebay Liberty Walk LB- Steve's POV スティーブ的視点 New Releases Every Friday 3PM PST 日本時刻で毎週土曜日の朝8時に絶賛配信中! ランダムに日曜日の公開もあります!

【HD】 The "BosoZoku ( 暴走族 )" They are so crazy gang in Japan. Jan-2013
The word bōsōzoku is also applied to motorcycle subculture with an interest in motorcycle customizing, often illegal, and making noise by removing the mufflers on their vehicles so that more noise is produced. These bōsōzoku groups also engage in dangerous or reckless driving, such as weaving in traffic, not wearing motorcycle helmets, and running red lights. Another activity is shinai bōsō (市内暴走) speeding in city streets, not usually for street racing but more for thrills. With many bikes involved, the leading one is driven by the sentōsha (先頭車), the leader, who is responsible for the event and is not allowed to be overtaken. Japanese police call them Maru-Sō (police code マル走 or 丸走), and dispatch a police vehicle to trail any groups of bikes to prevent any possible incidents, which can include riding through suburbs at speeds of 5--10 mph, creating a loud disturbance and waving imperial Japanese flags, to starting fights which can include weapons such as wooden swords, metal pipes, baseball bats and Molotov cocktails. These bōsōzoku gangs are generally composed of people under the legal adult age, which in Japan is 20 years old. なお、センシティブな動画ですので動画サイトへの転載 は禁止します。 mixiやFB、FC2、その他の個人ブログへの使用は問 ありません。 またチャンネル桜、東スポ、TV東京以外の国内マスコ ミ及び韓国、朝鮮、支那の海外マスコミの使用は一切禁 止します。