DeLorean Project Car / Pre-purchase

This is the project DeLorean I bought back in July of 08. This video was taken in 2008 while we prepped the car for the trailer ride to my shop. The car basically sat in a cornfield for years before I purchased her. Its and Aug. 81 build, #2923, black interior, automatic. Im currently doing a complete frame-off restoration on the car. More videos on the way!

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My DeLorean Project car
She arrived the day before I filmed this, VIN# 10985

DeLorean - zurück aus der Vergangenheit | Motor mobil
Berühmt wurde der DeLorean DMC-12 durch die Filmreihe "Zurück in die Zukunft". Wolfgang Hank ist der glückliche Besitzer eines der seltenen Exemplare. Lesen Sie mehr unter:

DeLorean 3296 Restoration Part 1
A short slideshow of my restoration of DeLorean 3296. Music - "Vortex" Steven Reilly

Cars from the 1980s making history. SAVE OLD CARS!
We always see cars from the 40's-70's in junkyards, backyards, and sitting in fields rotting away... Ive yet to see a video dedicated to the 80's. I know some cars pictured here aren't classics and never will be, but one day they will be gone too. Let me know what you think.