Jetta TDI -30C Cold Start

This is my 2002 Jetta Tdi starting at -30C with the magnetic block heater plugged in.

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-33 degree cold start with 2 VW TDI's in Canada
Hey was COLD! We own a few diesel VW's The two in the video are both stock, besides the block heater's 2004 VW Jetta TDI - BEW 2000 VW Jetta TDI - ALH

84 Jetta Mk1 -23C cold start after sitting for 2 days :)
My Mk1 Jetta in Ontario in -23C!!!! without being plugged in overnight and sitting for 2 days. 15W40 Oil, recent plug, pump and injectors. Skipped a few beats but came alive.

2015 Duramax Diesel Cold Start -20ºF
To all the idiots that are saying I don't know how to start my truck or need to let the glow plugs warm up. STOP MAKING RIDICULOUS COMMENTS ON SOMETHING YOU KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT. Cold starting my 2015 GMC Sierra duramax diesel at about -20 degrees. Truck was not plugged in and had been sitting 24 hours. Engine all stock.

- 23 Celsius Cold Start Volkswagen Passat TDI And Honda Accord 1.8iS
It is been about 5 days between -22 and -30 celsius. So i decided to do a coldstart video. Cars temperature showed -20 but better temperature meter showed -23 celsius.