Jetta TDI -30C Cold Start

This is my 2002 Jetta Tdi starting at -30C with the magnetic block heater plugged in.

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-33 degree cold start with 2 VW TDI's in Canada
Hey was COLD! We own a few diesel VW's The two in the video are both stock, besides the block heater's 2004 VW Jetta TDI - BEW 2000 VW Jetta TDI - ALH

bmw tds e39 cold start -26 *C.wmv
zimny start TDSa:) przebieg 387kkm. temp. -26 tylko nie wiem czemu termometr w samochodzie pokazywal -22.5*C dopiero po przecjechaniu kilku km pokazal poprawna temp.

MOTHER OF ALL COLD STARTS!!! -43 celcius winnipeg
Watch and find out if the summit will start.... -43 celcius, -32 without windchill had some time on our hands and didn't mind putting our starter at risk!

84 Jetta Mk1 -23C cold start after sitting for 2 days :)
My Mk1 Jetta in Ontario in -23C!!!! without being plugged in overnight and sitting for 2 days. 15W40 Oil, recent plug, pump and injectors. Skipped a few beats but came alive.