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Ardenne Bleue Rally WRX Group N Subaru WRX **SNOW DRIFTING

Ardenne Bleue Rally Subaru WRX Impreza Group N. Nice Snow Drifting. **HIGH QUALITY, RAW SOUND, NO MUSIC**


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Product Preview and Introduction to the New and upcoming Mitsubishi Evo Prototype X and Lancer. Now that it finally is in production and has been tested against the 08 STI. It is evident that the 08 STI is BY FAR, much more supreme in all areas and categories. The 08 STI is faster than the EvoX, in addition to both previous generations of the STI and Evo; Truly an unseen success for the Subaru!

Nissan 350Z DRIFT Tutorial
Showin ya how it's done! Nissan 350Z DRIFT Tutorial.

P.Solberg Testing New Impreza WRC **RAW QUALITY SOUND**
Peter Solberg Testing New Impreza WRC. **HIGH QUALITY FOOTAGE/AUDIO + RAW SOUND/NO MUSIC** wrx sti subaru

VF39 EWG 07 WRX ricer flyby 1

Mads Østberg - The Subaru Era
A video biography of Mads Østberg's time at Subaru with clips from 2006, 2007 at 1:40 min, 2008 at 4:03 min, 2009 at 18:49 min and 2010 at 22:35 min including all results and nearly 100 action filled video clips. The Subaru Impreza wasn't always the fastest World Rally Car but it certainly was one of the most spectacular to watch with Mads behind the wheel. This video also includes two never before shown inboards from Rally Hedemarken 2008 at 8:56 min and 30:17 min in the Impreza S12B. Video and editing: Tor André Børresen www.motorsportfilmer.net Rally Hedemarken Inboard: Tv Media Produksjon As. (Some errors in the video are 4:28 is supposed to be Rally Hadeland 2008 - 1st and 29:35 is supposed to be DC All in 2011)

2014 Subaru WRX STI - Full Review and Test Drive - My New Car!
The 2014 Subaru WRX STI hatchback, the last model year which still provides the 5-door option. This is my first new car! In this video we'll check out the 2.5L turbo boxer engine, matched to a six speed transmission sending power to all four wheels via Subaru Symmetrical AWD, with front and rear limited slip differentials, and a driver controlled center differential (DCCD). This car also features Subaru's SI-Drive, allowing for various throttle responses for the driver. The vehicle features the EJ257 engine producing 305 HP at 6000 RPM and 290 lb-ft of torque at 4000 RPM. This is my new car!! I will keep the Integra which will remain a project car, while this has become my daily driver. My Other Car: 1999 Acura Integra - http://youtu.be/1B2ipplUmtk Please feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe! And don't forget to check out my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/engineeringexplained Also check out my official website: Make suggestions, participate in forums, learn through logically ordered lessons, read FAQs, and plan your future! http://www.howdoesacarwork.com Now on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/jasonfenske13 NEW VIDEO EVERY WEDNESDAY!

Best of Crash Rallye HD-Compilation 2013-2014
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SD3hCOEyg8Y Rally Crashes happened in 2013 and 2014 . Car accidents because of drifts . The production-based cars with 1.6 L direct injection turbo engine and four-wheel drive are built to World Rally Car regulations for racing across tarmac, gravel and snow. The power output is limited to around 300 bhp (225 kW). Current cars in the championship include the Citroën DS3 WRC, Ford Fiesta RS WRC and Mini WRC. The WRC was formerly held for Group A and Group B rallycars. However, due to the increasing power, lack of reliability and a series of fatal accidents on the 1986 season, Group B was permanently banned. Later, in 1997, the Group A cars evolved into the WRC car spec, to ease the development of new cars and bring new makes to the competition. In 2011, new rules were introduced to encourage more manufacturers (and privateers) to take part, because the recent economic downturn had prompted several manufacturers to leave the championship. Cars in the Production Car World Rally Championship are limited to production-based cars homologated under Group N rules. Cars in the Super 2000 World Rally Championship are homologated under Super 2000 rules. Most cars in the Junior World Rally Championship are homologated under Super 1600 rules, but Group N and selected Group A cars can also contest the series. Starting in 2013,a new category of rally cars known as Group R were introdued as a replacement to the Group A and Group N rally categories, with cars classified under one of six categories based on their engine capacity and type, wheelbase, and drivetrain. As a result no cars will be homologated under Group A and Group N regulations and instead will be reclassified under Group R. Parallel to this, the Super 2000 and Production Car World Championships were restructured; Super 2000 and Group N cars were merged into a single championship known as World Rally Championship-2 alongside R4 and R5 cars, whilst the Production Car World Championship was completely reimagined as the World Rally Championship-3 for two-wheel drive cars complying with R1, R2 and R3 regulations. WRC Teams and Drivers 20 different manufacturers have won a World Rally Championship event,[6] and a further ten have finished on the podium.[7] Suzuki and Subaru pulled out of the WRC at the end of the 2008 championship, both citing the economic downturn then affecting the automotive industry for their withdrawal. Mini and Ford both pulled out of the WRC at the end of the 2013 championship, due to a similar economic downturn affecting the European market. A typical WRC team will consist of about 40 people on the events, with a further 60--100 at the team base.[8] Manufacturers and manufacturer-backed teams usually have two or three drivers participating in each rally who are eligible to score points. The total number of crews (driver and his co-driver) in the rallies varied from 47 (Monte Carlo and Mexico) to 108 (Great Britain) during the 2007 season.[9] In 2013, The Ford World Rally Team and The Mini WRC Team both announced their departure from the World Rally Championships for the 2013 season. Volkswagen and Hyundai will make their return to the championship in 2013 and 2014, respectively.Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD Best of Crash Rallye HD crashes from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Italy, England and France with pure engine sounds and the "oiioiioii oyoyoy" guy :D . IF YOU LIKE IT SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

Enjoy 5 minutes of Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Group N rally action.. Featuring nice shots of EVO X R4, EVO 9 , 8, 7 and 6, Launch Control, Anti Lag... Enjoy

Subaru Impreza STI Gr.N on track
Sessione di test per questa Subaru Impreza STI Gr.N che ho ripreso sul circuito di Modena a Marzaglia durante una giornata di prove libere per auto. Molto piacevoli gli scoppietti dallo scarico e sempre impressionante accelerazione e tempi di cambiata. Test session for this Subaru Impreza STI Group N that I have filmed on the Autodromo di Modena circuit in Marzaglia during a track-day. Very nice popping sounds from the Exhaust and always impressive acceleration and speed shiftings.

Hellendoorn Rally 2011 - Compilatie Part 3 (BMW M3 E30, 205 GTI, Group N) [720p HD]
Peter van Merksteijn junior mag zich de winnaar noemen van de 30e editie van de Hellendoorn Rally 2011. De hele wedstrijd was het tussen hem en Dennis Kuipers. Gisteravond was Van Merksteijn er nog niet zo zeker van dat hij dit evenement op zijn naam zou schrijven. De gehele wedstrijd bleef Peter junior rustig en kalm en dat heeft hem zeker geholpen in de strijd. Dennis Kuipers was op negen proeven sneller dan van Merksteijn junior. Van Merksteijn schreef zes proeven in totaal op zijn naam. "We hebben de hele wedstrijd rustig afgewacht op wat er ging gebeuren en het was echt ongelofelijk spannend tussen mij en Dennis en dat maakte het een mooie wedstrijd." Dennis Kuipers was bezig met een hele goede degelijke race. Controleerde en stelde bij waar hij dat kon en waar nodig. Zijn vooraf gestede doel was een steady wedstrijd en waar te eindigen was hij niet als zodanig mee bezig. Tot proef 15 za alles hem mee, totdat hier zijn turbo klapte. Ontgoocheld kwam hij aan bij de finish van de laatste proef, was niet tweede, niet derde, maar vierde geworden. Net niet op het podium na een fantastisch gereden wedstrijd. Bernhard ten Brinke en Jeroen Swaanen kwamen niet aan de tijden van de WRC mannen en lieten de twee kemphanen gaan. Het was nog wel zeer spannend tussen de heren tot aan de laatste proeven. Vrijdagavond stond Jeroen Swaanen met een hele kleine voorsprong voor op Bernhard ten Brinke. Swaanen moest kiezen tussen aanvallen voor de overwinning of punten voor het NK, het werd de laatste.. Met een goed gevoel startte hij op zaterdag en wist tot halverwege de dag de voorsprong te behouden, maar Bernhard ten Brinke kroop langzaam maar zeker dichterbij en pakte de derde plaats na proef 14 over. Toch voelde de uiteindelijke tweede plaats door het wegvallen van Dennis Kuipers bitterzoet voor ten Brinke. "Ik voel mij geen tweede, maar derde door het uitvallen van Dennis." Voor het kampioenschap doet Jeroen Swaanen goede zaken. Hij pakt de volle 100 punten en staat daarmee met nog twee wedstrijden te gaan aan de leiding van het Nederlands Rally Kampioenschap.. "Ik heb het maximale uit de auto gehaald en geen enkel probleem gehad tijdens de wedstrijd., het was een superrally." De voorlopige stand in het klassement voor het Open Nederlands Rallykampioenschap ziet er als volgt uit: Jeroen Swaanen 500 punten Gert Huzink 455 punten Bert de Jong 300 punten Henk Vossen 305 punten In de groep N heeft Tonnie van Deijne de overwinning uit het vuur gesleept. De standaardklasse was spannend vanaf proef 1. Constant stuivertje wisselen tussen verschillende teams. Een van de favorieten voor de overwinning was Erik van Loon. Hij viel helaas op de zaterdagochtend uit met mechanische problemen. Daarna heeft Bob de Jong lang aan de leiding gereden, maar toch kwam hij tekort aan Tonnie van Deijne. Van Deijne heeft een strakke wedstrijd gereden en is heel blij met de overwinning. " Amsterdam Short Rally was dit ook een mooie titel, maar de Hellendoorn rally is dan toch wel een mooie kers op de taart. Bas van Kamperdijk mocht als tweede in de groep N over het podium rijden. Bob de Jong eindigde als derde. De voorlopige stand in het Nationaal Kampioenschaprally in de standaardklasse ziet er nu als volgt uit: Tonnie van Deijne 275 punten Marcel van Leeuwen 270 punten Antoine van Ballegooien 260 punten Bob de Jong 245 punten Theo van den Berg deed hele goede zaken in de Hellendoorn Rally, hij sleepte het kampioenschap van de Nissan 350Z Cup binnen en werd de eerst rally kampioen van 2011.

Sexy Dayanis Subaru RALLY CAR ride along
We had another awesome photoshoot with Dayanis Garcia at TR3 Performance, shot by Joel Antoine. During a break we decided to put Dayanis in something a little different this time...TR3's Subaru WRX Rally Car! Special Thanks to TR3 Performance for building some of the sickest cars around! http://www.TR3Performance.com http://www.facebook.com/tr3performance Dayanis photo shoot pics here -https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.539523192806047.1073741832.16712 3263379377&type=1 Thanks to Joel Antoine photography for an awesome shoot! Visit his website at http://www.JoelAntoine.com

Juha Kankkunen & Richard Burns testing Subaru Impreza WRC - with pure engine sounds
4-time World Rally Champion Juha Kankkunen and 2001 World Rally Champion Richard Burns dancing on ice and snow as they test their Subaru Impreza WRCs for the upcoming Rallye Monte Carlo 2000. The legendary season opening event makes a return to the World Rally Championship calendar in January 2012 after a few year´s visit in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge series.

S. Plangi/M. Sarapuu Testing new EVO X N4 built by ASRT
S. Plangi/M. Sarapuu Testing new EVO X N4 built by ASRT. Siim and Marek will start with this car in rally "Madona 2012"

2015 Subaru WRX STI Reviewed and Driven
Ryan takes a look at the (mostly) all-new Subaru WRX STI. How does this new car shape up versus the old and how well does it do on a closed course? We head to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca to find out! Follow us: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drivingsports Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drivingsports Official Site: http://www.drivingsports.com

[HD] Rally crashes!!! and actions!!! The best of the year 2013

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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