89 Camry 89 300ZX twin turbo race

89 Camry 89 300ZX twin turbo race

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Bikes vs 900+hp Turbo Camry
2011 ZX-10R - R77D slip-on, BMC street, Bazzaz ZFI, tuned, -2 +1 2010 R1 - Full Akra, filter, Bazzaz, tuned, -1 2012 CBR 1000rr - Taylormade slip-on, PC5 Tuned Camry Specs 3MZ/1MZ-FE 3.3L V6 Custom 274 Cams ID1300's GTX4202R Tial V-band 1.00 A/R Custom Sidewinder Manifold Custom Intake Manifold Tuned-length Exhaust manifold 4" Downpipe / 3" MP 4" Aluminum Exhaust JDM E153 Transmission w/ LSD ACT 4-puck Ceramic Sprung DIsc ACT XT Pressure Plate Spec Aluminum Flywheel AEM EMS

Turbo vs. Supercharged Camry
A look at a turbo 5SFTE camry and a supercharged 1MZFE camry. turbo camry is a 95 4 door, SC camry is a 98 4 door. Both have 5 speed manual transmissions, the turbo camry is a 4 cylinder, the SC is a 6 cylinder. PLEASE NOTE - I am not trying to showcase either car as fast - I don't really think either car is all that fast - it is merely a compare video for my friends :)

GT40R Turbo Camry Video
Dynamotorsports's Built turbo Camry V6 1MZ-FE Video is dated back from August 2006 392 WHP @ 16 PSI on 94 oct 468 WHP @ 20 PSI on 94 oct 520 WHP @ 26 PSI on 94 oct 12.6 @ 122 mph on street tires at 20 PSI of Boost

Obed toyota camry 2009 turbo.
turbo kit done by sicopata turbo performance st.cloud florida. Test 1