It's alive...

My Datsun 1200, with turbo'ed 4A-GZE engine conversion, being started for the first time.

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datsun 1200 hillclimb
mate playin in his 1200

Stan's Datsun 1200 Race Engine
Here's a quick look at Stan's Datsun 1200 race engine as it was assembled and Simtested at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine. (949) 631-6376

Datsun 1200 4AGE turbo VS Citi Golf
Dad having a bit of fun again, got a red on this run unfortunately

Fitting ship engine small ends.
The guys at my dad's place of work fitting small ends to the conrods from a ship engine. Small ends of course being a relative term. They first freeze the small end bushes in liquid nitrogen and heat the small end of the conrod with a big torch. Once the rod is warm and the nitrogen stopped boiling around the bush, indicating that the bush is as cold as the nitrogen, they drop the bush into place. The bush is 0.15mm bigger than the hole in the conrod, so it's pretty much impossible to press it in without damaging it. This way the bush shrinks enough and the rod expands enough that it will fit with no interference. Once the bush heats up and the rod cools down the bush is pretty much a permanent fit.