Peugeot 504 XD3 Diesel Indenor motor nuevo

Motor hecho a nuevo armado y pintado por mi viejo. Muy prolijito!! La camioneta es una 504 pickup 94

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peugeot 504 diesel
a fondo

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ligando pick-up 504 peugeot após 3 anos sem funcionar...

peugeot 504 - problemas de axiales
solucionar el problema de axiales del peugeot 504

Peugeot 504 1976 Intercooled Turbodiesel! Not the average Peugeot turbodiesel.
This is a short introduce clip of my 1976 Peugeot 504 GL what I converted to a 2.5 liter Peugeot Indenor diesel. Before I installed the engine I turbocharged it with a Valmet tractor turbo and a new 3" thick Intercooler. It also has Ba10/5 transmission and limited slip diffrential. It pulls hard. I drove 16.2@140km/h at 1/4 mile last summer with it. I beat MV6 Omega, supercharged VW Corrado and run even with a Toyota Timang with roll cages and a race engine. I also have 5 other 504's. And currently one 505(seen in the video) because of it's XD2S engine for my 504 Dangel.