Volvo S60 R Race 2004 Manual vs. 2006 Auto W Mods

Stock S60 R Manual vs. S60 R Auto W Mods and Bodykit

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2004 Volvo S60-R. Film test.
HTC one test. Volvo. S60 R

Volvo S60R vs Volvo S60 T5

2006 Volvo S60R exhaust. No resonator 2006 s60r with the resonator taken out of the stock Exhaust. Car is all stock minus Rkelly intake mod with K&N filter

2003 Audi Allroad vs 2004 Volvo S60
2003 Allroad 2.7L twin turbo 6-speed manual vs 2004 Volvo S60 2.5T automatic. We started both in first from about 8 miles an hour. I shifted to second (when camera drops down). Then second gear pull. Went through second and into third (can kinda see the shift a lil). Stopped the race when I hit redline in third gear. Both are stock cars. Took me by surprise a little. We then did couple more rolls from 20, 35, and 50. Same story every time.