Twin Turbo Viper - 1st 6 Speed Viper SRT in the 8's

Kyle's Underground Racing Twin turbo Viper SRT This is the first 6 speed Viper SRT to make an 8 second quarter mile pass

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Street Dodge Viper twin turbo 1700hp drag race.
In car camera street dodge viper twin turbo 1700 hp 1/4 mile. Powered by Heffners Performance.

Gallardo Twin Turbo Underground Racing New World Record
Gallardo Twin turbo built by Underground Racing

Twin Turbo Vipers, Supercharged C7, Mean ZR1, and a Supra do battle!
Camera Car: SneakySnakes - Intake/Exhaust/Gears/Tune [600whp] Music: Seico - Bitchrusher VIP

A.R.T. Ballista Twin Turbo Viper - Texas Mile - March 2012
American Racing Technology A.R.T. Ballista Twin turbo Viper: Check out HTC Facebook HPD Facebook: Twitter: Fan Page: