Why You Shouldn't start on a 600cc Supersport Motorcycle

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Why you SHOULD start on a 600cc supersport!!
Should you start on a 250cc or 300cc over a 600cc.Take advice from a guy who started on a hayabusa not someone who started on a moped! A 600cc supersport is not too much for you.subscribe today for more videos. Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/nightrider_motovlogs This video is for people who have already taken their training course!

Motorcycle Crashes & Best Accidents Compilation 2016 + Motorcycle Fail № 8
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How to Power Wheelie Guide Part 1 - The TRICK!
This video explains how to power-wheelie a Supersport bike using first gear. It's a Motovlog which shows the details and hopefully can help you to start wheeling for beginners. Part 2 focuses on power wheelie a 1000cc in second gear. USE THE INFORMATION AT YOUR OWN RISC!!! I WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR INJURY WHICH MIGHT OCCUR!!! Get your NicoTrico shirt here! http://teespring.com/nicotrico321

Miami BikeLife
Welcome to the county of DADE! Miami has embraced me and I love them for that. Credit to all riders! https://youtu.be/VhOIoTdfisg City Under Fire https://youtu.be/W22_8PG7vd8 Leek Wynder