Why You Shouldn't start on a 600cc Supersport Motorcycle

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Why you SHOULD start on a 600cc supersport!!
Should you start on a 250cc or 300cc over a 600cc.Take advice from a guy who started on a hayabusa not someone who started on a moped! A 600cc supersport is not too much for you.subscribe today for more videos. Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/nightrider_motovlogs This video is for people who have already taken their training course!

Big Powerful Engines Starting
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Best First Bike Tips 250 vs 600 vs 1000 Revised
Alrighty so I tried to mention all I could think of that you should consider when buying a motorcycle. In this description, I will try to include any missed information from the video. 1. MONEY Buying your first motorcycle can be difficult if you don't have much money, so a good idea may be to buy a used bike. A used ninja 250 can cost around $2000 and a nice 600 around $5000. This is very dependent on the condition and year but in general, these prices can find you a decent bike. I will buy my next street bike new just because I would like to be the one to break it in, but for a new rider, a used bike will save you a lot of money and you can learn all the do and do nots. I would not recommend a new rider to buy a brand new bike. Remember, motorcycles DO NOT save you money XD so don't go and buy a bike just to save money. What you save in gas you end up spending in tires and maintenance. 2. Which Bike Should I Buy? This is a hard question as it is dependent on YOU. I really have to know you personally to give a definite decision but what I can say is that age, responsibility, & talent play a roll in the decision. Wether you want a dual sport or a sport bike is a different topic and completely personal opinion. If you are under 18 you MUST not start on a liter bike!! Even if you can handle the power, you will have a hard time learning in the corners and ultimately, become a squid. Liter bikes should not be purchased until you have unlocked the full potential of a 600 ;) That being said if you are over 18 I still don't recommend a liter bike. If you are a heavier guy then get a 600 or a ninja 650, or sv 650. Learn how to actually ride before you race. The best riders don't start on 1000cc. So should you consider a 250? Well yeah I think so. Especially if you are broke, have no experience, suck at riding motorcycles, or are a crazy bastard. Often it is a good idea to go sit on and ride a few bikes to see what you like best. And if you need some motorcycle experience first, than ride a small dirt bike to learn how the clutch works. 3. COSTS If you purchase a 600 or liter bike YOU ABSOLUTELY MSUT buy a steering stabilizer if it is not already equipped with one. These are crucial to your bikes stability and possibly your life. Also the bigger the cc the faster you go through tires, gas, and the more expensive the insurance is. You often need to buy chain lube, oil + filter and plexus plastic polish. Once you get your bike you will want to do upgrades which get pricey, especially if you want a loud Exhaust so you can be heard. Just something to consider. 4. Requirements If you are under 21 in California you must take the msf course and get your motorcycle permit before you can start riding. Even if you are over 21, I recommend the msf course for a beginner rider as it will help teach you the basics and get you some seat time. 5. Take Care of Your Baby I recommend changing the oil at around every 3k miles with full synthetic oil and a new oil filter. Keep up on the maintenance and if you do buy a new bike, be careful not to scratch it and change the oil at the small increments (first at 500ish miles). Also lube your chain to extend life and dampen noise o fate chain. Dry chains like to get very loud. Over time of ownership you will learn all the little things involved in the bike life. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and don't forget to rate comment and subscribe! //////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\💯 Follow on Instagram 📷 @streetbikesforever http://instagram.com/streetbikesforever Email 📧 streetbikesforever@gmail.com Like on Facebook 📲 http://www.facebook.com/StreetBikesForever Follow on Twitter 🐥 https://twitter.com/StreetBikesEver Follow on Tumblr 🙌 https://www.tumblr.com/blog/streetbikesforever YouTube Channel 🎥 http://www.youtube.com/user/StreetBikesForever Check out my photographer on Instagram 📷📲 @bobbyzullo http://instagram.com/bobbyzullo Feel free to message me about anything! I'd love video recommendations‼️ Recorded with a GoPro HD Hero 4 at 2.7k Super View with an external mic. Editing done with Final Cut Pro X