Deadly Drag Race Crash Compilation

Bunch of drag race crashes - explosions, fires, mangled metal and more. * Not mine but well put together-

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Say Hello To Heaven: Fatal Crash Compilation & Tribute
R.I.P. to all those who are featured in this video, and also to all those who passed on much too soon; racer, fan, official, and everyone else. Drivers in video: Zbigniew Raniszewski Butch Laswell Kenny Olsson Willian Onzi Luis Carreira Ignazio Giunti Caleb Moore Blaine Johnson Bob Sweikert Rich Vogler Jim Haynes Michel Wyder Marco Massarotto Guido Falaschi Phillip Yau Friday Hassler Tiny Lund Joe Booher Julius "Slick" Johnson Mark Woodley Sonny Arnett Song: Temple of the Dog - Say Hello 2 Heaven

2 ) 10 MINUTES OF PURE RALLY Crash, saves 2017
( From the driver's cab )

bad dragbike crashes
Things happen REAL fast on a drag bike,,,,,,,,, sometimes BAD THINGS.