How to Remove and Install a Toyota 20R 22R (22RE see updated video details below)

****UPDATE*** In the video I say set the crankshaft to 0 degrees on the compression stroke, however, if you have a fuel injected 22R-E engine you should set it to 5 Degrees. Set the carbureted 22R to 0 degrees.) How to remove and Install a distributor from the 20R 22R 22RE Toyota engine series. You will still need to use a timing light after you are done to set and fine-tune the timing, but this video will show you how to remove and replace the distributor and get the inital install correct.

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Toyota Distributor Cap WaterProof: How To
DISCLAIMER: water proofing your distributor will not turn your truck into a submarine. (hints, dont be a dumb ass) If you are having problems with your toyota 22r spitting and sputtering this could be the fix. this problem can happen with even a little bit of rain, that being said you do not have to do this hole process. pulling the distributor cap off a checking for moisture is a good start to identifying a miss fire problem.if your problem only happens with heavy rain fall you may only need to check to see if the factory breather cap is in proper location and possibly seal the matting surface. i took my repair one step further by simply running a hose off the breather nipple into the cab with a small in line fuel filter to further help prevent water from entering the distributor while going off road threw small water crossings. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET
Every Toyota 22R series engine with the single row timing chain and plastic timing guides (1983~ish - 1995) that I have ever purchased with over 100,000 miles on the engine has had a driver's side guide that was either partially broken or just totally gone. To the untrained ear it sounds a like the valves need adjusting, but in this video I'll show you how to inspect, troubleshoot, and diagnose a broken driver's side timing guide. It makes a great bargaining chip when you can show the seller that the timing guide is broken and then inform them that it's an $800+ repair at a shop. If you can fix it on your own it will only run you about $100 in parts and a Saturday's worth of time.

How Ignition System Works
Know the basic working of an automobile ignition system working on battery.

How To Check Ignition Timing 22re
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