How to Remove and Install a Toyota 20R 22R 22RE Distributor

How to remove and Install a distributor from the 20R 22R 22RE Toyota engine series. You will still need to use a timing light after you are done to set and fine-tune the timing, but this video will show you how to remove and replace the distributor and get the inital install correct.

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Installing a 22RE / 22R distributor
How to install a 22RE / 22R distibutor on TDC. Setting base timing on a 22RE / 22R

How To Check Ignition Timing 22re
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How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET
Every Toyota 22R series engine with the single row timing chain and plastic timing guides (1983~ish - 1995) that I have ever purchased with over 100,000 miles on the engine has had a driver's side guide that was either partially broken or just totally gone. To the untrained ear it sounds a like the valves need adjusting, but in this video I'll show you how to inspect, troubleshoot, and diagnose a broken driver's side timing guide. It makes a great bargaining chip when you can show the seller that the timing guide is broken and then inform them that it's an $800+ repair at a shop. If you can fix it on your own it will only run you about $100 in parts and a Saturday's worth of time.

Mantis Garage Episode #6 '88 Toyota Extracab 22RE budget engine rebuild
Music from Jamendo royalty free thanks to open Source goodness Songs in chronological order off of the album Nightwalker vol. 2 by Boogie_Belgique________Redwood_A_Place_To_Hide Boogie_Belgique______A Little While Boogie_Belgique_________Smile Boogie_Belgique_______Red Steam Boogie_Belgique_________March Of Time Boogie_Belgique_______Travelling In this episode I Buy a broken truck that I don't need then rebuild the engine in my '88 Toyota 4x4 with a 22RE fuel injected 4cyl workhorse. Its common for these engines to go high miles so i discuss the weak points, maintenance intervals and rebuild a engine from 4 parts motors using the best used components and new gaskets. i will continue to update this project when its back in the shop, but the wife has had it on the road for a few weeks and it is running strong no more smoke, i did swap the transmission and install the head but you will have to take my word because no film