How to Remove and Install a Toyota 20R 22R 22RE Distributor

How to remove and Install a distributor from the 20R 22R 22RE Toyota engine series. You will still need to use a timing light after you are done to set and fine-tune the timing, but this video will show you how to remove and replace the distributor and get the inital install correct.

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How To Check Ignition Timing 22re
FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SUBSCRIBE IF YOU CAN HANDLE THIS AWESOMENESS This was filmed at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison Colorado. Elevation is just under 6000 feet above sea level. Check out for more info on the track I make drag racing videos and put them up for everyone to enjoy. Subscribe if that is something you are into! Relevant tags:

Installing a 22RE / 22R distributor
How to install a 22RE / 22R distibutor on TDC. Setting base timing on a 22RE / 22R

22RE Toyota Pickup/4Runner Valve Adjustment
A recent major oil leak from my valve cover gasket leak meant I had to remove the valve cover and reseal it. This was the perfect time to film how to adjust 22RE valve clearances. Grab a snack and a frosty beverage and see how it's done.

How to fix Toyota 22R Front Main Seal Oil Leak (22R 22RE 22RTE) No Speedi Sleeve!
This is a Tips & tricks video for fixing a leaking front main seal on Toyota 22R series engines (22R, 22R-E, 22RT-E, etc.) The main point of this video is to let people know there is an alternative to having to drive a Speedi Sleeve onto the crankshaft pulley to cover the grooves on the crankshaft pulley sealing surface that are created from millions of revolutions of the crankshaft in the old seal. By using a thinner seal that Toyota made you can relocate the sealing lips on an unworn part of the crankshaft pulley sealing surface and get another 10-20 years of use out of it. Toyota Part number for the thin main seal is: 90311-45014 Toyota Part number for the O-ring that goes between the oil pump body and timing cover: 15188-38030 Here's a link to a playlist of my other Toyota related videos which contains a couple videos I mentioned in the above video about how to get the stubborn crankshaft pulley bolt off: