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Reportaža - Megane R.S. Trophy - Renault klub Slovenija

1. video reportaža iz naše strani Zahvale Renault Nissan Slovenija za avto ;) Komentar na komentarje: Podvozje se ne strša, ampak feeling maš da se ;) Špera a.k.a. zapora diferenciala ni serijska pri navadnem R.S modelu ampak je za doplačilo oz. pride s CUP opremo!


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Megane RS + Mercedes AMG SL 65 blackseries - Nürburgring Nordschleife Touristenfahrten
typische BTG Runde im "Terroristenverkehr" Gopro Hero HD 3 Black Edition 1080p 60fps

Renault Megane R26.R vs Megane 3 RS Trophy Nordschleife Record Lap Comparison
Side-by-side comparison of the record laps of the Megane II R26.R and the Megane III RS Trophy. In order to keep the comparison interesting, the slower lap (of the Megane R26.R) has been resynced to the faster lap at several points. Here is a list of sync-points + the time in seconds removed in the slower lap to resync: Flugplatz 1.09 7km sign (can't remember :) ) End of the curb exit Bergwerk 1.04 Karoussel 0.14 15km sign 1.11 Pflanzgarten curb right hand side at end of the section 1.15 Audi brigde (gantry) 1.03 This is not exact science, as the cameras are not positioned identically in both cars. Hope you enjoy it!

Megane RS 225 and Clio RS cup 200
Novo mesto - Metlika - Črnomelj - Metlika - Novo mesto :)

Volkswagen Golf GTI Vs Renault Megane RS review - AutoExpress
Volkswagen Golf GTI review: http://bit.ly/1aAVtZX Renault Megane RS 265 review: http://bit.ly/1bTNy9f Subscribe to our YouTube channel http://bit.ly/11Ad1j1 Subscribe to the mag http://subscribe.autoexpress.co.uk/yt The Volkswagen Golf GTI and Renaultsport Megane are two very different hot hatches. The French machine is all about uncompromised performance, whereas the German hatch is much more of an all-rounder. But does this mean the Renault Megane RS will always be faster on a racetrack? Well, that's not necessarily true. The Golf GTI in our video has been fitted with the Performance Pack, getting bigger brakes, a power upgrade to take the 2.0-litre engine up to 230bhp and a very clever electronic front differential. The Renault Megane RS Cup has a traditional limited-slip diff, but also has a 2.0-litre turbo engine. However the Renault has 265bhp - 35 more than the Golf. For several years Renaultsport has been the 'master-craftsman' of the hot hatch trade. I know it's getting a bit long in the tooth but the Cup Megane is the best car they make. But what's it like on track? Is it going to be quick enough to take on the new Golf GTI with the Performance Pack? You can find out in the video above. We're driving the car with the stability control turned off, which is what gives this car a big advantage on the track - when it's off, it is off. Plus, there's an instant liveliness to the Megane chassis, at the rear end. The Renault completed the flying lap in 1 minute 14.3 seconds. Can the lower-powered and easier to live with Golf get anywhere near that mark? There's no question that the Golf GTI is the most desirable hot hatch you can buy, but there has always been two camps in the hot hatch market: those who want the all-rounder (which is the GTI) and those who want the hardcore, ultimate track car (which arguably is the Renaultsport Megane). The question is whether this GTI with the Performance Pack and a manual gearbox can outperform the Renault Megane. It's a shame you can't turn off the stability control because it starts to come into play and that contributes to the brakes getting hot and just takes away that final edge of freedom you need to make this car fully engaging like the Renault. The Golf GTI performance pack completed the flying lap in 1 minute 15.6 seconds. In the end the Golf GTI Performance Pack was 1.3 seconds a lap slower than the Megane RS Cup, so even though VW has added extra performance to the car, if it's quick laps you're after, the Renaultsport Megane is still number one.

Road test Seat Leon 410 PS, Renault Megane RS 290 PS and more. (English subtitled)
AutoWeek heeft zijn naam opnieuw verbonden aan 100% Tuning in Ahoy en presenteert in de editie van 3 mei een Tuning Special van 27 pagina's: een goed excuus om uit te pakken en dus ook de videocamera mee te nemen tijdens deze speciale test. En een keer niet bij de grootste Duitse namen, maar gewoon met projecten uit eigen land. Uit verschillende hoeken van Nederland halen we vier hothatches waaraan flink gesleuteld is. Een Alfa Giulietta QV met 260 pk, een Mégane RS met 290 pk een Golf GTI met 330 pk en een Seat Leon Cupra met... 416 pK! Broaaoem!

Clio 3 RS 2 Ligne Complete K TEC GoPro HD.mp4
slt a tous petite video de ma clio 3 rs 2 trophy : élargisseurs de voies brattex en 20 mm, filtre BMC dans la boite a air d'origine , decata, intermédiaire et silencieux de chez ktecracing et reprogrammation moteur Pouchelon Racing ...ENJOY !! Laissez vos commentaires ...

Reportaža - Clio Gordini 1.6 16V - AvtoReport.si
Nova reportaža. Renault Clio Gordini 1.6 16V letnik 2011 3-vratni http://www.avtoreport.si http://www.renault-klub.si

Video: __________________________________ Renault Magnum 2013

Mégane RS Trophy @ BR-Performance
Mégane RS Trophy @ BR-Performance

Renault Mégane RS 225 & Mégane RS dCI 175 - Test Drive
Test Drive review of the Renault Mégane RS 225 & Mégane RS dCI 175

Os pilotos da Red Bull Racing, Lotus Renault GP e Team Lotus desafiaram a pista de Nürburgring aos comandos do novo Renault Mégane R.S.Trophy e do Clio Gordini R.S., mas também não resistiram aos encantos dos 100% eléctricos Twizy e DeZir. Um filme imperdível...

Reportaža - Laguna Grandtour Bose&Design 4Control - Renault klub Slovenija
Video reportaža vozila Renault Laguna GrandTour Bose&Design dCi 150 4Control

Reportaža - Renault Clio R.S. Akrapovič Edition - AvtoReport.si

Renault Megane RS 265 and Porsche Cayman R Nürburgring Nordschleife

Renault Megane RS : Car Review
http://newcarnet.tv In recent years, Renaultsport has become the leading exponent of the hot hatch, with finely honed variants of both the Clio and Megane. This Megane has the familiar ingredients: a turbocharged 2-litre 'four' driving the front wheels, RenaultSport's justly revered chassis tuning, and great seats, but this time it's wrapped in this almost coupe-like 3-door 'shell, and the build quality is much improved. Adam Towler reports... Check out the latest car reviews, motoring news and international motor show coverage at http://newcarnet.co.uk

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