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Reportaža - Megane R.S. Trophy - Renault klub Slovenija

1. video reportaža iz naše strani Zahvale Renault Nissan Slovenija za avto ;) Komentar na komentarje: Podvozje se ne strša, ampak feeling maš da se ;) Špera a.k.a. zapora diferenciala ni serijska pri navadnem R.S modelu ampak je za doplačilo oz. pride s CUP opremo!


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Reportaža - Renault Koleos 4x4 - AvtoReport.si
Reportaža novega 2011 Renault Koleosa 4x4 htto://www.avtoreport.si

Megane 265 Trophy vs Octavia RS 250

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Reportaža - Laguna Grandtour Bose&Design 4Control - Renault klub Slovenija
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Renault Sport Megane RS Trophy N°0007
RSC@Work: Conversion R27 Recaro Seats

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Megane RS 225 and Clio RS cup 200
Novo mesto - Metlika - Črnomelj - Metlika - Novo mesto :)

Renault Megane R.S. Trophy - Caméra embarquée - Record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife
Vue en caméra embarquée du record de la Renault Mégane RS Tophy pour une traction de série, sur le circuit du Nürburgring (8mn08) http://www.leblogauto.com

2015 Renault Sport RS 01 Spectacular Design with 3.8 Litre V6 Twin-Turbo Engine Performance
2015 Renault Sport RS 01 Spectacular Design "Renault Sport R.S. 01 is a racing car of extraordinary design, symbolising Renault's passion for motor sports. The spectacular design lines reflect in themselves the ambitions of this exceptional car, thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of Laurens van den Acker and his team. Under the bodywork, it is packed with cutting-edge systems from Renault Sport Technologies. The aim is to achieve an advanced level of performance, delivering thrills for both the driver and the public. If we had to sum up Renault Sport R.S. 01 in a few words, we could describe it as a marriage between the beauty of Renault DeZir and the performance of Formula Renault 3.5!" Patrice Ratti, CEO of Renault Sport Technologies "Renault Sport R.S. 01 is a spectacular racing car, in the purest tradition of GT. With its high-level sporting capacities, Renault Sport R.S. 01 illustrates the rich expertise of Renaultsport, and its ability to develop the racing cars that will reveal future GT or Endurance champions." Alain Prost, Renault Ambassador for motorsport Spectacular design, inspired by the world of concept cars A car to thrill at first glance, Renault Sport R.S. 01 sets out to be one of the world's most efficient GT racers. With every stroke of the design pen, in the body lines and in the detail, the aim was twofold: to make Renault Sport R.S. 01 an iconic Renault vehicle, and to contribute to track performance through a constant quest for aerodynamic efficiency. An emblematic front end, reflecting Renault's sporting genes Like all the Renault vehicles designed under the management of Laurens van den Acker, Renault Sport R.S. 01 displays a prominent logo, the key feature on the front end. The vehicle's impressive width of 2,000 mm - for a height of 1,116 mm - is reinforced by the signature of the LED daytime-running lights positioned along the brake cooling scoops. At the centre of the grille, the air is "sucked in" and channelled by the stem of the chassis towards the two water coolers. It is then expelled through the extractors positioned on the hood. The negative pressure thereby created increases downforce at the front of the car. The large blade of the lower splitter and the stepped flat bottom also contribute to aerodynamics at the front. The two fins on the side of the bumper generate vortices that limit the turbulence of the rotating wheels. A low-slung, sculpted profile Underlined by the graphic pattern running from the headlights to the side air intakes, the low-slung profile is characteristic of a GT with a central rear engine. The imbalance in the overhangs is dictated by vehicle architecture and also by efforts to optimise weight distribution. The windows extending back to the airfoil and the curved shape of the rear bonnet further underline the choices made in design. The sculpted lines of Renault Sport R.S. 01 bring to mind the concept car DeZir, presented in 2010. In his preliminary study, designer Akio Shimizu was also inspired by Renault Étoile Filante (shooting star), the record-breaking vehicle that topped 300 kph at Bonneville Salt Flats in 1956! http://autoblackzone.com/ Engine and Transmission The semi-stressed engine is bolted to the carbon monocoque on the distribution side, and to the roll cage at the top. Prepared by Nismo, the 3.8 litre V6 twin-turbo engine is derived from the Nissan GT-R. The main change in relation to the production model is the dry sump system intended to prevent oil surges during long corners. The Pectel electronic unit features a traction control function. turbo pressure is set to deliver over 500 hp with maximum torque of more than 600 N.m. This positions Renault Sport R.S. 01 between a GT3 and a DTM in terms of performance. Seven-speed sequential gearbox The Nismo engine is mated to a longitudinal seven-speed gearbox supplied by Sadev. With an eye to budget management, the same gear ratio sets will be used for all tracks. However, it will be possible to adjust the preload setting of the self-locking differential. Activated by steering-wheel paddles, the sequential control system is managed by an XAP electromagnetic actuator. Developed specially by ZF Race Engineering, the clutch features an anti-stall function and is designed for an extended service life.


Renault - Mégane R.S. Trophy: Unrivalled efficiency // Une efficacité sans équivalent
With a power output of 265hp and peak torque of 360Nm, Mégane R.S. Trophy delivers unrivalled efficiency for its class // Avec 265 ch et 360 Nm de couple, la série limitée Mégane R.S. Trophy fait preuve d'une efficacité sportive sans équivalent dans sa catégorie

Renault Megane RS
Test odličnog sportaša Renault Megan-a RS - KS AUTOMAGAZIN (Hrt)

Megane RS cup em Sintra

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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