Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion For ANY Vehicle - I'm Saving 56% At The Gas Pump!

This is a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport converted into a hydrogen hybrid by Alex Rivera and how2savefuel.com. horsepower and torque increased significantly after the conversion - The truck accelerates much more quickly without the engine laboring nearly as much as it used to! Highway MPG improved by 56%, city MPG improved by 35%. The system produces hydrogen ON-DEMAND and it is immediately used by the engine - Hydrogen is NOT stored, so there is no risk of fire or explosion (in the case of a car accident). I'm saving more money at the gas pump than I ever thought possible and I didn't have to go and buy a hybrid to do it! Convert the vehicle you ALREADY own! ANY combustion engine! This is an UNPAID testimonial - I was so impressed with this system, I made this video as a "Thank You!" for Alex Rivera and how2savefuel.com. ***Check out Fringe Tech Grant on Facebook***

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making a hydrogen generator (HHO gas)

HHO Mythbusters Explained
This video was emailed to me since I watch Mythbusters. I have to say that although Mythbusters did try to get an HHO system online, they failed. The reasons were clear and stated in this Video. I wish they would have taken it a step further.

Does Hydrogen On Demand Really Work?
http://www.gastaxholidaymyass.com Hydrogen On Demand (HOD) is getting a lot of attention these days. And why not? Gas prices going up, the economy tanking, major upheavals in the global oil market. We need a solution, and we need it now. But is HOD that solution? Let's find out.

5 Amphibious Vehicles You Have To See
5 Amphibious Vehicles You Have To See Click here for: 5 Future Motorcycles YOU MUST SEE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6xybdaV3xs 5. Ghe-O Rescue 4. Amfibiebus 3. Biski Amphibious 2. SHERP ATV 1. ATV SHAMAN 8x8 ATV SHAMAN 8x8 : Shaman is an exclusive vehicle with an original closed frame protecting transmission components. Unmatched off-roading capabilities are a consequence of implementing independent suspension for each of the wheels. The vehicle equipped with low pressure tires easily travels through marshes, tundra, rivers, shallow lakes, etc. The vehicle has a hermetic boat-formed frame armed with high-performance water pumps (pumping up to 200 liters per minute) that remove water from the frame. Special flaps provide emergent water drop if convenient. Amphibious vehicles are ideal for extreme weather conditions. SHERP ATV : This Russian-made, adult-sized Tonka truck may have only 44.3 hp, but it turns on a dime, has two seats and an ample cargo area, can climb obstacles over two feet tall, and can swim with ease thanks to oversized self-inflated tires. It also has a durable polymer coating on the outside for added toughness, a 15.3 gallon fuel tank, and optional add-ons like another 15 gallon tank in the wheels, a generator, independent heater, and high-powered headlights. Biski Amphibious : The Biski is truly unique as a single seat (or single plus pillion), twin jet, HSA Motorcycle, it is a world’s first in many ways. At just 2.3m long and under 1m wide, it is the smallest of all Gibbs High speed amphibious platforms, and very probably the most technically advanced. It represents true freedom for the individual serious fun. Amfibiebus : A tour with this unique amphibious bus makes for an unforgettable experience for young and old! You will see the most unique and beautiful places in Rotterdam during the city trip. Then comes the 'splash': the spectacular dive in the Meuse. The bus suddenly also shows a seaworthy boat, which continues through the water along the spectacular skyline of the city! Ghe-O Rescue : Rescue is the ideal solution for transportation, medical support and fire extinguish capabilities on all terrains and in all weather. With off road solutions borrowed from racing and with a close to competition philosophy, the performance version Rescue is in fact, despite their truck like look, a very capable all terrain solution rivaling with any small racing equipped sports car. Music: Alan Walker - Force [NCS Release] , Heuse & Zeus x Crona - Pill [NCS Release] , Edwin - Marble Hill Thanks for watching , Please Subscribe :))