How to Carbon Fiber Vinyl your wheels!!! DIY for Cheap n Easy

I dont care what the Haters say. Share if you want others to see what a good (or bad) an idea this is! :) Instructional guide on how to add carbon fiber Vinyl to your wheels for an epic, new, sleek, black rims look for around at 5% of the price!!! Very eye-catching. It was even the first thing my boss noticed Monday morning! For the Vinyl just search "Carbon Fiber Vinyl" on eBay & find a dealer selling a role that is large enough for your wheels + some extra. Mine was $30 at 1.270mx1m, giving me enough for 6 of my wheels in case i screwed any up. You need a sharp crafting knife, hair dryer/low powered heat gun, towel/rag, a small piece of card, your Vinyl & clean wheels. UPDATE! after about 2 months through the Aussie outback summer, some of the edges have lifted, I simply trimmed the loose spots & it still looks good. UPDATE! After about 5 months i took them off when i got new tyres because they got a bit damaged, there was only some sticky residue where some of the edges had lifted themselves prematurely.

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DIY: Wrapping Rims in Matte Black Vinyl
I wanted to try a new style for my winter rims, and instead of pinting them i wrapped them in vinyl, Costs about $10 a rim. This short video shows you how to wrap a rim quickly(sped up 3x), There really is no downfall to doing this, faster and cheaper then painting, the vinyl only weighs .4 ounces or about 50 grams. and thats spread out throughout the rim and if you dont like it then just peal it off. If you want more info or you want to buy some vinyl contact me at Or come contact me at please don't send a message though youtube, I don't come here often. third year! 10.jpg Check it out on ebay for the full written DIY. Or visit my ebay page at and scroll down to Matte Black Vinyl Rim Wrap 6x 24"x24" Also the first song uses is a -rusko remix its rusko hold on sub focus remix, the second song is -supersonic the world of discotronic and the last song is the classic -chemical brothers hay boy hay girl with a dunstep remix.

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How-to by Wrapping Rims in Matte Blue Vinyl COLORCHANGE ( Polep alu kol ) 2013 Wrapping Rims In Blue Vinyl

BMW Wheel 3M Di noc Carbon Fiber Wrap
On this project we wrapped a BMW wheel with 3M Di-noc carbon fiber vinyl sticker sheet.