2003 M45/Y34 Exhaust

Custom 3'' Mandrel bent Exhaust. Removed all 3 resonators. Replaced muffler with Dynomax 3'' inlet/2.5'' dual outlet. 3.5'' Magnaflow Tips.

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Ininiti M45 Magnaflow Exhaust Revs
Cousin just replaced the factory muffler for a Magnaflow muffler. It's got a a nice low rumble to it which is just what he wanted.

VIP ATL ISO Y34 2003 Infiniti M45 with straight pipes cruising cobb pkwy
my friend from work was recording me while we were driving home. lol straight 2.25" dual pipes from the cats to the tips :)

The Japanese BMW M5? || 2003 Infiniti M45 || Full Tour & Start Up
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Y34 グロリア マフラー左右サイド出し フルデュアル直管仕様 (仮) Nissan Gloria dual straight exhaust muffler
左右サイド出しのフルデュアル直管をワンオフで製作し たものの、爆音過ぎて改良せざるを得なかったのは言う までもない・・・ 現在、改良して音質そのままで静か(?)にしています 。