Daddy Warbucks 1965 Falcon at MIR.

Dick Estevez making a pass.

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Daddy Warbucks Huge Wheelstand
Daddy Warbucks Huge Wheelstand

Arnie Beswick - Dick Estevez 2nd match race at the 2014 Nostalgia Nationals
Arnie Beswick in the "Tameless Tiger II" Pontiac and Dick Estevez in the "Daddy Warbucks" Falcon 2nd match race. 2014 Nostalgia Nationals at Beaver Springs Dragway.


tbolt world record
On Halloween 2009, Phil Featherston shattered the long held (unverified) world record for the quarter mile Ford Thunderbolt in a flash of oil and grit. The time was 9.23 seconds at 151mph. Special thanks to Jake and Gerald. Video by Dave Featherston.