Live Rolls Royce Roof Chop - PPC Magazine

Practical Performance Car Magazine's Rolls Royce got a roof chop live at PPC in the Park 2010. It took a lot of men, some serious angle grinding action and quite a lot of ale - but they managed to do it in one day.

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Set in Miami, South Beach Classics follows gregarious and outspoken couple Ted and Robin Vernon, who — along with the eclectic crew they've affectionately dubbed "the gargoyles" — buy, sell, trade and exchange some of the most unique classic cars on the market. This show is about the unique fun, excitement that this industry offers, also it shows how much hard work is involved and the challenges they face every day, everything is about the genuine characters displayed in this show. South Beach Classics, has a lot to offer, the show vividly displays South Beach, Miami with all its glory and pleasures, lots of fun and things to see, you will get to see what made South Beach famous. You will get to see celebrities, famous people, and common people interacting with everything that the Real World is. Lots of spontaneous actions, that define Ted and Robin, both individuals with unique charm, wits and talents, you will guaranteed not be disappointed. The Show first episode will air on Discovery Channel on March 30, at 10pm You can see the show schedule on the Discovery Channel website at: And visit the websites of South Beach Classics, where you get to see what it is that makes this so entertaining. Check out their business at: Ted has a black-on-black 2008 Rolls Royce Phantom -- a car that sold for $340,000 new -- delivered to his shop, and "ecstatic" doesn't begin to describe his reaction.