VW Golf GTI 1.8T gets 2.0 liter Stroker

eurotuner Magazine Project Silverstone goes to Raven Motorsport in Long Beach, CA for a complete engine overhaul. Integrated Engineering provides 2.0L stroker kit and 034Motorsport supply ported AEB headl. Stay tuned for big-turbo build from 034. Read about the build at eurotuner.com

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Top 5 VW and Audi Engines
In this video we talk about the top 5 VW and Audi engines. Enjoy! This was shot at our location 18525 Statesville Rd Unit D4 Cornelius NC 28031 Shop for VW Parts Here http://shopdap.com/vw-parts-online-volkswagen 5 - The 1.8t - While the 1.8t engine isn’t currently known for making big power or being particularly impressive it had to make this list. The 1.8t is without a doubt the most important engine in making VW one of the most tuner friendly cars on the road. In the late 90s and early 2000s most of the completion had 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engines making slightly less power. With some basic bolts ons and a chip (yeah back then it was actually a soldered on chip) you could get a 1.8t pretty easily to around 250hp. You can debatably say that the 1.8t paved the way for the entire VW enthusiast community which is why we put it at #5 4 -The 3.0t (Supercharged)- Audi has been making S4's since the late 90's and if you followed them at all you know that all of their glory is tied to a ton of grief. We talked a more about the issues that plagued these models in the video about VW and Audi models that seem cheap but are not. The 3.0t is really the first S4 that you shouldn’t be petrified to own. The 3.0t S4's put out 333hp and with a simple Supercharger pulley and software tune you can bump 117hp. This engine being easily tuneable with solid reliability lands it at #4 3 - 5 cylinder turbo Audis - There are a few 5 cylinder Audis that we lumped together because they are essentially cut from the same cloth. The original 5 cylinder turbo was a 2 valve per cylinder engine which was in the Audi 100s. They later changed to the now more highly coveted 4 valves per cylinder 20V 5 Cylinder turbo. This engine really became most know for when Audi was racing in the 1989 IMSA series with a 5 cylinder turbo all wheel drive Audi 90. That season they won an astonishing 7 of 13 races. All of this history was rolled into the TTRS where they brought back the 5 cylinder turbo putting out 340 hp and with a basic software tune you end up over 400hp. With a turbo upgrade the hardcore TTRs guys are getting upwards of 600hp. Tons of power and tuneability landed the Audi 5 cylinder turbos at #3. 2 - VR6 - There is no way you could put a list like this together with the VR6. For anyone not familiar with the VR6 it has a unique design which was done for a few reasons. Lets look at a few examples so we can talk about how the VR6 is different. In our examples lets assume that they are all 6 cylinders. An inline 6 has all 6 cylinders in a row, this makes for a narrow long engine which generally lends it self to a longer nosed vehicle because of the space required. The V6 engine has 3 cylinders on either side and is generally in a 90 degree V shape. This makes the V6 a much wider and shorter engine than an inline. The VR6 is almost like a mix of the 2. It a V6 shape with a 15 degree angle to allow the use of a single cylinder head. Also where a V6 would line up the cylinders in parallel the VR6 engine staggers them to allow the engine to be more compact. Aside from the cool design the VR6 is often used to make big power by adding a turbo or turbos. This engine has been used by VW since the early 90s and even though the don’t really call it the VR6 by name anymore a variation of this engine is found in many models now badged as V6's. The VR6 has a huge cult following in the VW community and there was even an even created in honor of the awesome sounds of the VR6. Its called Wookies in the woods because people often compare the beautiful Exhaust note of the Vr6 to the sound of the wookie. All of this heritage lands the VR6 at number 2. 1 - MQB 2.0t - The new 2.0t's found in the MQB have really been a game changer for VW and Audi enthusiast. Historically many of the other vehicle in the segments of the enthusiast cars just frankly out performed many VW models. And while for me this never discouraged me from the brand it was a clear difference between lets say a 08 STI at 305hp and a MK5 R32 at 250hp. Even the GTI vs the WRX was behind they were more tuneable and handled better. I always felt like fit and finish was VWs advantage and I was always Ok with getting in a car that I felt was nicer. Now we fast forward to the new 2.0t's. For the first time since the early days of the 1.8t VW/Audi enthusiast models seem to be on top. With just a software tune on these cars you can get a 100hp bump. That is absolutely nuts. We pulled some numbers from Unitronics site because we are a dealer To compare on a previous generation TSI engine to the MQB 2.0t a 2.0t TSI with a K04 turbo upgrade you are looking at 340hp on the MQB 2.0t with a Software tune and a downpipe you are at 337hp. The sheer tuneability of this engine makes it the clear number 1.

APR Stage 3+ 1.8T - Component Walkthough
A component walk through of the APR stage 3+ 1.8T kit.