0 - 140 mph ford focus v8

ford focua chompy

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V8 Rear wheel drive Ford Focus

Ford Focus with V8 Cobra Motor
V8 Ford Focus

Ford Focus 0-140 MPH!!!
Even has a digital spedometer and tachometer! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! lol car is a 2002 model with 153K + miles. only things i've done to the engine so far is replace the spark plugs and coolant hoses. it still runs pretty good but a little rough at high speeds and idle. sometimes takes a little while to start but i think the fuel filter and pump needs to be replaced soon. the belts are about ready to snap any time now.

V8 Powered Ford Focus
this is a ford focus powered by V8 muscle while at the focaljet.com's JETFEST '06 car show.