0 - 140 mph ford focus v8

ford focua chompy

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Ford Focus 0-140 MPH!!!
Even has a digital spedometer and tachometer! sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! lol car is a 2002 model with 153K + miles. only things i've done to the engine so far is replace the spark plugs and coolant hoses. it still runs pretty good but a little rough at high speeds and idle. sometimes takes a little while to start but i think the fuel filter and pump needs to be replaced soon. the belts are about ready to snap any time now.

V8 Ford Focus vs. Roush Mustang
Focus is sandbagging against Roush Mustang in a bracket race

V8 Ford Focus
V8 Ford Focus

Fifth Gear: Mitsubish Evo X vs Ford Focus Rs
http://www.forocoches.com/foro/showthread.php?t=1344106 Fifth gear compara el Mitsubishi Evo X contra el Ford Focus RS.