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How durable are your HID Kits? We'll show you how tough ours are.

This video demonstrates the strength and durability of KASA Lighting HID Kit ballasts. A 4,000+ lb. SUV runs over the HID ballast while it's on and doesn't affect the HID output. It doesn't even faze the HID Kit! While the casing for the ballast is slightly indented, the operation of the HID kit isn't effected and even remains sealed. Source: www.hidkit.com Manufacturer: KASA Lighting Bulb Type: H11 Bulb Color: 6000k Car: 2001 Chevy Tahoe


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(1) How to build HID projector headlights
Part 1 of 4. In this part you will see how to remove the lens, remove the reflector, level the reflector, and confirm your halogen aim.

Digital Vs Analog Xenon ballast Differences Explained
What is the difference between normal size analog and slim size digital xenon ballast? Do you think it's only size? - Wrong! See our video and explanation.

HID Kit Relay Install
Relay Install

7000k HID Projector Fog/Driving Lights - SMD Chevy Tahoe
I just got my truck painted (see the previous vids) and a lot of you asked where my foglights went.....well here is your answer! Yes, i plan on doing a projector kit up top too.

HID Troubleshooting-Polarity
Troubleshooting HID kits not turning on.

How to Install an HID Kit from Beginning to End
These are step-by-step instructions on how to install an HID Kit. This video covers what to check for when you receive your HID Kit, how to properly disconnect your OEM Headlights prior to install, disconnect your OEM halogens, wire the HID Kit harness to the factory headlight harness without cutting or splicing any wires, securely mount the HID ballasts and shows a HID Kit installed and fully functional.

6000K vs 8000K HID conversion headlight kit illumination comparison
Here is a direct comparison of HID light output. On the left is a 6000K kit and on the right is an 8000K kit. It takes a little while after the gas is flickered on to reach the correct temperature. In this video, the steady color is reached around 0:38; the 6000K being a crystal white, while the 8000K possessing a subtle blue hue. At around 0:31 the stock halogen high beams were turned on in order to compare the original stock color (yellowish hue). Get these kits for competitive pricing at www.hidconversionkits.co.nr

HID installation
http://www.hidspeed.com This video shows you how to install your xenon hid conversion kit.

How to test hid ballast quality(cheaper price hid ballast)
how to test hid ballast quality?How to know which ballast is good quality?which is bad quality?The best important method is test ballast working current stability.On my video,you will see the green number from the left machine.One green number is 13.2V.It is ballast'normal working voltage.Another green number is ballast'working current.If the ballast is good quality,the working current will work steadily.For example:when you turn on the ballast,the ballast'starting current is 6A.and this 6A will go down to 3.2A.if it is good quality,the working current will be:6A-5.9A-5.8A-5.7A-5.6A-5.5A-5.4A----3.2A..If it is not so good ballast,it will be 7A-6.4A-6A-5.3A-5.2A-3.7A---3.2A(this is only a sample,but this current work not steadily,so it is not so good ballast).If you have any problem,please email us:carlight_2006@hotmail.com...www.auto-product.com..we welcome hid wholesaler,retailer,etc....

Flickering HID lights vs. Solid HID kits
HIDExtra compares poorly make flickering hid kits vs. solid state HID kits

Driving behind Reverse HID's!!
Acura TL with reverse HIDs!!

HID Installation on FORD MONDEO

How to Install Bi-Xenon HID: Honda Civic 1992-2002
http://www.xenonsupply.com/honda-civic-hid-xenon-package.html How to Install Bi-Xenon HID's Do it Yourself Installation of HID Xenon Headlights on a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback. This installation will work on the following year models 1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002 Direct Product Link: http://www.xenonsupply.com/honda-civic-hid-xenon-package.html Kit Used: XenonSupply Standard Bi-Xenon kit Bulb Type: H4 Bi-Xenon Bulb Color: 6000K Brought to you by XenonSupply.com For the quickest response please submit questions to http://www.xenonsupply.com/contact.html

HID Nation - 2005 Jeep Laredo - 9006 HID Conversion Kit With Relay Harness Installation
Installing an HID kit with a relay on a 2005 Jeep Laredo.. visit us at hidnation.com and get your HID kit today!

How to: Upgrade From a Plug n Play HID kit to a High Performance Headlight Projector Retrofit
The four main components required to upgrade from a plug n play HID kit to a full xenon or bi-xenon retrofit are gone over here. The projector: the key component that collects and focuses the intense light from the bulb into a proper beam pattern. The D2S bulb: standard bulb type for all high performance HID projectors The AMP/D2S adapters: the converter cables that allow you to run a D2S bulb with a set of existing "HID kit" / aftermarket ballasts. the Projector: focuses the light from the bulb into a strong, uniformly lit beam pattern with a proper upper light cutoff line to light up the road perfectly. The most important part! D2S bulb: required bulb type for use in true xenon/bi-xenon headlight projectors. You cannot re-use your generic 9006, h1, h4, (etc) HID kit bulbs and expect a good output. AMP/D2S ballast adapters: convert your generic HID kit ballasts for compatibility with the base of the D2S bulbs. The shrouds or bezels: simply put, the trim piece that covers the projector after it has been retrofitted into your headlights. Our OEM designs make for a finished, factory look.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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