How durable are your HID Kits? We'll show you how tough ours are.

This video demonstrates the strength and durability of KASA Lighting HID Kit ballasts. A 4,000+ lb. SUV runs over the HID ballast while it's on and doesn't affect the HID output. It doesn't even faze the HID Kit! While the casing for the ballast is slightly indented, the operation of the HID kit isn't effected and even remains sealed. Source: Manufacturer: KASA Lighting Bulb Type: H11 Bulb Color: 6000k Car: 2001 Chevy Tahoe

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35w 5000k HID test mazda6
**I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC** I purchased these hids (35w 5000k) for the Mazdarati around June 2010 from DDM and have had no problems except for a ballast going out 1 time which was replaced for free under warranty. These are in the stock projectors, I haven't been flashed once. OEM 55w fogs vs 35w hids color difference- 3:40 Stock projectors, I haven't been flashed once

HID $15 Halogen to HID Xenon conversion High Intensity Discharge Lighting 6000K
PART 2 DC TO AC: Convert a standard 500 watt AC Halogen work light to an energy efficient Direct Current 35 watt flood light in under one hour. The process uses "off the shelf" HID (HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE) car headlight ballasts and lighting. Each kit contains 2 sets of HID ballasts and 35 watt HID bulbs. ENOUGH TO CONVERT 2 LIGHTS! This bright white light is the 6000k version.They come in many different color temperature variations. HID BULBS AND BALLAST KITS come in 35 watt, 50-55 watt, and monster 100 watt versions. The 35 watt is the most bang for the buck.

UnBoxing Xentec Slim HID Kit
hey this is my first unboxing video for a " Xentec slim HID Kit " . Got it from Ebay for $35 . for now i am happy with it i will give it a week of use and post my review .

Testing HID ballast for claimimg.