Saber edv V3 Fake Dump Valve "Fits Any Vehicle"

The Saber-edv V3 Fake Electronic Dump Valve installed on a standard 1.1 Citroen Saxo "NON turbo". Saber V3 Fake dump valve fits ANY vehicle.

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How to fit the Saber edv V3 Fake Dump Valve
Short video showing how to fit the Saber edv V3

Going Turbo!! | Fake Blow off Valve Installation and Test
SKIP TO 7:54 IF YOU JUST WANNA HEAR THE SOUNDS! Today, I decide to Boost the S10!! WHOA! Not really. I'm actually installing and testing this fake blow off valve on my S10! For $28, I can totally fool people into thinking I'm Boosted....... right? Comment down below what you think of turbo!! Thanks for watching and enjoy! --------------------- Follow us on social media: Instagram: Twitter: --------------------- Thanks again for watching, you rock!! God bless, Channel C.G.E.

Fake Blow off Valve
How to install a Fake Blow off valve! This will be an installation of a fake blow off valve! BUY IT ON AMAZON: &creative=9325&creativeASIN=B00QF8ZGIC&linkCode=as2&tag=ohg03d-20&linkId=37 dda8a389afe6eb9601e3fb9381741f Wanna see whats coming up in my next vlogs? Stay in touch with me on social media! Snapchat: JoshJ6497 Instagram: jayb_productions

Fake Blow Off Valve Honda Civic
See the full build here: This is an Install and sound test of Saber Fake Blow Off Valve on the Mighty Car Mods Honda Civic...