8x Acura/Honda NSX's accelerations!

Not one. Not two. Not even five. But eight!

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Japcarfest Kiskunlacháza Honda NSX 2011.09.03.
Japcarfest Kiskunlacháza Honda NSX 2011.09.03.

E46 M3, E60 M5, and E63 M6 Accelerations!
New Blog! -http://thecoloneladama.blogspot.com/ Gotta love the M.

Supercharged Infiniti G35 with HKS Exhaust. Start up and acceleration!
New Blog! -http://thecoloneladama.blogspot.com/ Owner : Theinz334 : https://www.youtube.com/user/Theinz334/feed MODS: Read below -Work VS-XXs wrapped PS2 Rubber Held on with Project Kics Heptagon lugnuts, -Vortech v2 Supercharger - 455 whp at 7psi -Stance Coilovers, -Authentic HKS Exhaust, -Clear Corners, -Debadged, -Megan Longtube Headers, -Z1 Motorsports Osiris Tune, - Z1 Clutch/Flywheel, -Kinetix F/R Camber/Toe Arms, - Hotchkis Sways, -AMS Endlinks, -Painted Grille and Headlights, Credits to GenjiSama91 for the information! Like and Subscribe for more!

Lovefab Turbo NSX Acceleration engine bay cam
A couple of pulls accelerating from the engine bay perspective. What is great about this setup is that there is practically nothing in the engine bay that gives away the turbocharging with the exception of the polished charge pipe which can't be seen in this video. This is a 98 NA2 Acura NSX with a Lovefab turbo setup putting out around 435whp at 8.5psi. It's air to water intercooled with AEM methanol and water injection and tuned with an AEM FIC. The wastegate is dumped to the ground making this car ridiculously loud under Boost. The traction control is on in this video so note that the next to last acceleration pull is fighting for traction with the TCS unit and bumps in the road.