Kevin Bratcher and his 1977 Bandit Trans Am!

This is a video made at the Super Cruise in Golden Colorado by George Holt, the director of the Bandit Trans Am Club. It was made for Kevin's member page on the website. Check out his photo gallery, and bio on the website for more pictures and info about him and his very cool muscle car!

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Kevin Bratcher's 1977 Bandit Trans Am in a Movie Shoot.
I tagged along to watch my buddy Kevin's 1977 GM Pontac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition, "Bandit", being used in a movie shoot. They paid him too use it! Not sure what the movie is, but if I can get a hold of the finished product, I'll share it here.

1978 Trans Am 360 doughnut burnout in super tight space !!!
Only a trained stunt man should try something this crazy! Notice there is a tow truck in front, a Tahoe behind, and a telephone pole across the street. Plus, only a WS6 Trans Am with a 400 pontiac and tight rear end can pull a controlled 360 burnout in such a tight space with total control of the car at all times!

2005 Trans Am Nationals Part 7
This is a seven part video I made at the 2005 Trans Am Nationals. My name is George Holt and I am the director of the Bandit Trans Am Club, We took second place that year for club participation! The full DVD version is available to purchase on our website, and it is DVD quality, not what you are seeing on You Tube! If you like Bandit Trans Ams, visit our website, we have the worlds largest collection of Bandit Car pictures and videos in the world, as well as trivia, and other fun things. If you've never been to the Trans Am Nationals, I encourage you to check it out. The procedes go to a good cause, you'll have a great time, and you might just win something! See you there!

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