Norfolk and Western 611

Chasing the 611 on its run from Chicago to Fort Wayne, IN and back in 1994. I did not know at that time the steam program was going to end, but the 611's crew did! See if you think they were going over 40 mph on this day.

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Re-upload at 4:3 picture NKP 587 & 765 doublehead to Chicago
Chasing the NKP 587 & 765 from East Wayne yard to Chicago for the 1993 NRHS convention

Norfolk and Western 611 Cincinnati to Portsmouth 1994
N&W 611 pulls the final excursion over the N&W Peavine Line. Both the engine and the railroad are out of service. Includes one scene from the next day's run to Danville, KY. Anyone who wants to see the 611 run again should visit and donate money to their cause.

Norfolk and Western J #611 and Y6b #2172
A little tribute to the Norfolk&Western Railroad

The Story of Norfolk and Western 611
First, a brief history of the evolution of the iron horse from the beginning to the superpower era. Next, a brief history of the 611. And finally, my personal thoughts regarding big steam trains. It all meshes together quite well. One thing that should be noted is competition from the automobile and the airplane (1940-1960) gave people faster alternatives for travel, instead of taking the train everywhere. Also, when I say "dawn of the superpower era" I am referring to America being known as a superpower country after WWII. The "superpower" meaning for steam engines was coined by Lima in the mid 1920's to define steam engines with enlarged fireboxes, supported by two trailing axles. In regards to what I said about the German spies reporting large engines moving tons of war material, I actually believe this is a rumor only, not a proven fact. Purchase Items with my photos on them: If you enjoy my videos, feel free to like, comment, and share! Thanks for watching!