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Norfolk and Western 611

Chasing the 611 on its run from Chicago to Fort Wayne, IN and back in 1994. I did not know at that time the steam program was going to end, but the 611's crew did! See if you think they were going over 40 mph on this day.


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Norfolk and Western J #611 and Y6b #2172
A little tribute to the Norfolk&Western Railroad

N&W 611 and NKP 587 doublehead
VHS footage from 1989 when we chased the 611 and 587 on part of their one-way trip. We picked them up at Muncie, Indiana and followed them a little into Ohio.

N&W 611 Restoration Ceremony - Spencer, NC - Friday May 30, 2014
Norfolk Southern CEO Wick Moorman removes the first bolt from N&W 611 to officially begin her restoration.

The Last Run of the N&W 611 - Dec. 7, 1994 - Part 3
The 611 has returned home. This segment features the final movement under its own power of the Norfolk & Western Class J 611 steam locomotive through the Norfolk Southern Roanoke Yard.

N&W 611 stalls on Saluda grade - October 1992
N&W 611 slips and stalls on the Saluda grade. Former Southern Railway "W" line near Saluda, North Carolina. Copyright, Pigwerks 1992-2014.

Southern 4501
VHS footage of SR 4501 running in and back out of Muncie, Indiana around the year 1992. We were looking for this trip to be pulled by the 1218 and were surprised to see the green Mike instead. Most of the video was shot by one of my friends, while I picked up the K1000 35mm camera.

N&W Steam Tripleheader - July 16, 1989 - Part 5
Nickel Plate 587 and Norfolk and Western 611 and 1218, in a once-in-a-lifetime triplehead run from Roanoke to Lynchburg in July, 1989.

611 Vs Irondale Hill.wmv
The time was the fall of 1992. A chase of 611 had to be scrubbed at the last minute. It seemed a huge disappointment at the time. Butr I did have time for a couple of shots, so this time I looked for locations athat were not consideder by me to be easy chase locations-that were not as quick to get out of as the ones I used when setting up along HWY 11. WHat the camera captured that day was the most compelling bit of steam action I have ever recorded, with 611 fighting for every inch of the long climb from downtown. A later shot was done in Trussville. In both cases, the camera is left on longer than usual to record the sounds of 611 in the distance. It appears Goodheart Productions was just down the bridge from me, as similar footage appears in "611 Birmingham Memories"!

N&W #1218 + 100 Coal Hoppers (1987)
N&W 1218 pulls a 100 car coal train on May 4, 1987 Footage is from "1218 Coal Train" by Main Line Motion Pictures. http://mlmp.tripod.com/

Norfolk and Western 1218 "A"
VHS footage of the 1218 run from Chicago to Fort Wayne IN, around the "Y" at Runnion St. and back. I think it was in 1991, now I know I should always date my videos.

Other locomotives at Hesston - Kiddieland Special
The Kiddieland 4-8-4, 14" gauge steamer is on loan to Hesston. It was double heading with the Kiddleland 4-6-4. Hesston is working on her draft to get a better fire. The 2 foot gauge, Sandley built, Brookfield Zoo CB&Q switcher comes out to spot for steamers at the end of the day. CB&Q pulls pretty good now that Hesston has repowered it with a larger engine.

Union Pacific UP 844 Troubles in Mt Pleasant Texas
Union Pacific 844 was attempting to stop in Mt Pleasant Texas, Sunday, April 15, at approx 10:15 am. The diesel locomotive behind her kept pushing and it took the skilled crew 2 miles to get her to stop, the 844 sliding almost the whole way. It was discovered there after, that there were significant flat spots on the drivers, causing too much mechanical vibrations on the running gear and road bed to continue. The Locomotive has been pulled off the Texas part of this trip, but continues to follow the train about two days behind, with the intentions to rejoin if problems are repaired. Currently, April 17, 844 sits in Hearne, TX, where it was supposed to stop on the day of this video. Thanks to the UP crew for all their work in keeping this beauty operating and in top condition. Hopefully, she can be fixed and not have to return to Wyoming.

A&WP 290 Steam Excursion (Part 1 of 5)
I want to make sure that all who watch this video know I'm not taking credit for filming this video. New Georgia Steam Excursions, from Pentrex is the video Im sharing this from. I have no intent of infringing on somebodys copyright. I only wish to share these clips with fellow railfans who appreciate these shots for what they are. From what I can find after over a year of searching there isnt any footage available to the public of 290 while she was running so as long Ill share these clips for as long as I can. Now that I've placed my disclaimer, here we go: This is part 1 of 5 of the excursion A&WP 290 ran from Atlanta, Ga to Montgomery, Al. This was the first (& I Believe last) time the locomotive ran on her home rails. This is also a special occurrence seeing that 290 is wearing her original whistle that she wore while carrying the Crescent between Atlanta and Montgomery. This trip, locomotive & rail line hold a special place in my heart seeing that the A&WP (now CSX A&WP Subdivision) are my home rails and if you look at any of my recent videos youll see that the A&WP is my primary railfaning line that I was born & raised on. The other significance to this trip is that this is the last time I saw mainline steam running. Its been over 17 years now and, like most of us, Id love to hear a whistle once more. On a rainy August 21, 1992 A&WP 290 takes her train out of Atlanta, Ga and onto her home rails of the A&WP. The train is shown here between Atlanta & La Grange, Ga. I hope you enjoy this footage as much as I have. Greg

N&W Steam Tripleheader - July 16, 1989 - Part 2
Nickel Plate 587 and Norfolk and Western 611 and 1218, in a once-in-a-lifetime triplehead run from Roanoke to Lynchburg in July, 1989.

"GOING HOME" - N&W J #611 (part 1 of 3)
An old tape I have highlighting the rebirth of Norfolk & Western J #611 in the early 80's. Considered among the finest examples of late-era steam, these streamlined, efficient thoroughbreds were built by N&W and pulled passenger trains for nearly a decade. Fortunately #611 was saved from the cutting torch and pulled excursions from 1982-1994. This film documents the work leading up to that era. It has since been displayed at the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke, alongside another N&W excursion star, Class A 2-6-6-4 #1218. This film really captures the spirit of running one of man's most beloved creations. Both railroaders and railfans alike wait patiently for her return.... Sorry about the 3 parts- - this was uploaded before YouTube allowed longer videos. Thanks to switchstand for the content and CoasterTroy80 for video transfer & sound.

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