Honda Civic Type R (G27 Shift MOD) - RBR - Mineshaft, Australia

G27 shifter feel and resistance mod by かずくん: Contact modder: Review: RBR H-shifter mod:

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GranTurismo 5 - GT5 Gameplay with Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
GranTurismo 5 - GT5 Gameplay with Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Here's a link to another video showing how the gear shifting works as requested by one of the viewers: For those who are wondering how much the whole set up costs, go check out the latest prices on It's all available on there.

RBR Subaru WRC 99 - Rally Poland - T500 RS - Frex Shift+
In memory of Colin McRae. Thrustmaster T500 RS, Frex Shift+ and DIY handbrake. For the real deal and some poetry in motion: Cleaned the windscreen for clearer interior view as used here: Revised video, fixed transition glitch and full "The XX - Intro": How to use CamHack: g-views.11671/ Song at the start: "The Intro" by The XX

TUTORIAL HERE IN DESCRIPTION! FULL TUTORIAL VIDEO HERE: As you may have noticed, Rockstar Games did not add support for devices as racing wheels and pedals, but thanks to a little program initially created to emulate xbox360 controllers, now we can use G27 racing wheel on gta V, which I personally tested in this video. I think this tutorial works for other wheels too, but I don't have other wheels to test, unfortunately. -First of all, dowload these 2 files: x360ce.exe from here:!FoU3yD5K!cF2xejlNdzBMvX07rDiAC6PaWv1IXSodQoT_SXGpIg0 64-Bit libraries here:!w89UWDxY!tJ1K5HNMskdEtlnbkaj1QgdzJvvwi-P7Fl0x7Yuv6jg -Copy/paste x360ce.exe to game folder, where GTA5.exe is in. -Plug in your wheel. -Start x360ce.exe, Click "Yes" when you're asked, then tick "Search automatically for settings" and "Seatch the internet", then "Next". Click Finish after that. This will create 3 files in game folder, x360ce.ini, xinput1_3 -which will be replaced in the next steps- and x360ce.temp -temporary file, it creates itself when x360ce is started-. -Click "save" and close x360ce. -Delete xinput1_3.dll -116kb one-, open libraries pack and copy/paste xinput1_3.dll -131kb one- to game folder. -Start again x360ce and answer "No" to pop-up question " do you want to update this file" -Now, even if the box next to "Controller 1" is red, the wheel is working, you just need to set it becaue default present doesn't work very well in-game, due to the wide dead-zone from 315° to 45° steering angle. We solve this problem by switching from "General" to "Left Thumb" tab and changing Anti-Dead Zone value from 0% to 22% for X-Horizontal Axis. Don't change any other valure, or you'll have issues in-game. It should be like that: -Save and close x360ce. -Start GTA V and if you have followed all the steps correctly you will here two "beep" sounds, one which will confirm you that the wheel is working on RGSC launcher ad which is useless, another one right after the game starts and right before loading screen. -Steal a car and drive trough Los Santos without any kind of input lag! IMPORTANT: use this program online at your own risk, the .dll file might be seen as hack and that can cause you a permanent ban form GTA Online. I suggest you to have fun offline! YOU CAN FIND ME HERE: - Youtube: - Pagina Facebook: - Profilo Facebook: - Instagram: ros_ph - Skype: niro.gamer - E-mail: MY HARDWARE: - CPU Intel 4690k @3,5Ghz (turboBoost @3,9GHz - GPU Gigabyte GTX 770 OC 4GB - RAM 8 GB Kingston 1333 MHz - HDD Western Digital 1 TB - SSD Intel 530 250 GB - PSU Corsair CX600M - Case Corsair 450D

LFS - Thrustmaster T500RS 1080º - Newbie at the wheel
2 laps. First one with fresh tyres and the wheel's FF is brutal. Second lap with hot tyres goes a bit better Game is Live For Speed (LFS) Music: Machinae Supremacy - Through The Looking Glass Masterplan - Sail On