SB2.2 turbo malibu. First outing.

Dirtcar malibu 1/8 mile testing

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turbo sb2.2 malibu wheelie
jackstand dirt car 275 radials wife got a little excited/scared.

drag week testing... f3 bbc malibu
street driving the malibu pre drag week 2011

jackstand's malibu
80 malibu with a sb2.2 and a turbo runs in the vamp dr class at kcir

3500+hp Twin Turbo MALIBU -190mph in 4.20 sec!!!
-HD for Best Quality- Is this the World's Fastest Chevy Malibu? Running under 4.20 at over 190mph on radials we think it might be. Jason Carter's Twin turbo Malibu driven by Mark Micke from M&M Transmissions. The car features a Nelson's Competition built 548 BBC, 2 SPD TH400 w/Lockup Converter both by M&M Transmissions and Twin Garret GTX 98mm turbos. This car was one of the first small tire turbo cars back in the golden years of the Orlando World Street Nationals, and in recent years this team has won Championships in both ADRL Pro Radial and the NMCA. This is one bad ass BU!