WRX STi vs E55 AMG

400+whp WRX STi vs E55 AMG

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Subaru Impreza STI vs Mercedess 5.5 compressor
Subaru (1.5bars of Boost Stock turbo and engine) beat 5.5 compressor

2015 STI vs E55 AMG drag
we did 2 runs 1st run he didnt warm his tires we won 2nd run he got mad LOL he burned his tires and he told us u wanna do it again ???!! we said sure why not and we won again !! sti 2015 stage 1 launch control 5k rpm subscribe and like for more !!!!!

E55 AMG vs Evo
PBIR private rental

E55 AMG vs 24psi STI
Found this subi at a red light and asked if he wanted to race, this is what ended up lol. Stock 2004 E55 AMG about 500hp 24 psi Subaru STI running on e85 Please like and subscribe!!! Much more to come!