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Shelby Cobra Kit Car with a 427 Engine on FLI's or Fine Line Imports Dyno

This is a 427 Cobra kit car that was worked on by J.N.W. Engine & Machine, located in Santa Rosa. We ran it on our Dyno and this Cobra made over 400 WHP and WTQ! Fine Line Imports


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Shelby Cobra 0 to 100
Superformance Cobra out for a little fun. Had to wave back at that van!

Shelby Cobra 10MPH to ~ 140MPH
Back in 2002, from a slight roll to about 140MPH 351W Factory Five Shelby Cobra kit car


Lots of burn outs from London, OH. Ford Shelby Cobra show
Highlights from Ohio Cobra Club show. They do burn outs and run 1/4 times down the center main street of historic London, OH. See lots of tire smoking action from Ford Shelby Cobras.

1965 Supeformance AC MKIII Cobra~427 Roush 550HP!~Signed by Carroll Shelby~10th Anniversary
1965 Supeformance AC MKIII Cobra ~427 Roush 550HP! ~Signed by Carroll Shelby ~10th Anniversary Thank you, Michael Runnalls Agent & Owner WeBe Autos Ltd. 875 Middle Country Rd. St. James NY 11780 Michael@WeBeAutos.com www.WeBeAutos.com www.youtube.com/webeautos WeBe could be Buying or Selling YOUR car too! 631-339-0399

Street Beasts or StreetBeasts 427 Cobra Part 1 Buying the Kit
The first part in a series on How To Build a 427 Cobra Kit car. Part one is about purchasing a kit, different manufacturers, the buying process, kit choices, my experience buying from Street Beasts, what to look for and what to watch out for

Shelby Cobra - The Engine Sounds Wild
http://www.kitcarconnection.com - James Martell takes his Shelby Cobra replica for a cruise. I decided to post this video for all the viewers of my other video who complained about the engine being drowned out by the music. They have a point. The engine noise of a Cobra with the famous sidepipes is music enough to a car enthusiast. If you are looking to hear a the roar of the engine this is your video. The car in the video was built in 2004 in Calgary, Alberta by Peter Jacobsen using car a Mk2 Roadster kit from Factory Factory Racing. The car is powered with a 302 crate engine from Western Motorsports in Calgary, Alberta. About James Martell is the Publisher of KitCarConnection.com, a website devoted to kit cars and replicas. James Martell has long been an admirer of Carroll Shelby and his cars. As an avid fan, he owns a Shelby Cobra kit car that he drives in his leisure time. In his spare time he attends car shows, works on his website, and spends time with his family. Visit: http://www.kitcarconnection.com The video was filmed in Surrey BC Canada.

AC Cobra Chasing Porsche, Part One - Three laps
Shelby AC Cobra 427 SC (SPF) Chasing Porsche Cayman - Three laps NASA HPDE Superformance MK III Roush 427R 530+ HP - PSE Alu Halibrand knock-offs, Nitto NT01's - 275/40/17, 315/35/17

427 Cobra Engine Dyno Test
Finally got my Cobra engine on the Dyno. It is a 351W 408 stroker bored "0.030, roller cam, roller lifters, and 2,100 CFM air flow. Preliminary results are over 500HP and 400 ft lbs torque. I will add final numbers when I fix a small oil leak.

Ferrari vs Cobra
A Ferrari Faces off against a 427 Cobra on the 1/4 mile at LVMS

65 Shelby Cobra - Unique Motorcars kit car
Our Shelby Cobra that we built. Stroked 408 with est. 650 horsepower.

Pacific Roadster, cobra kit, Wide Body,Cobra Replica,Kit Car,Hot Rod
http://www.pacificRoadster.com This Wide Body Cobra Replica kit car is Special Because it's designed to be comfortable to drive even for a Guy that is 6'3" and has size 14 shoes. It has a lot more room inside without an extended wheel base. John researched many Kits and this is the one he chose, find out why. The Body is wider and taller and more aggressive looking than the other kits. The Fit and Finish is Superior in the materials used and the attention to detail. It has special bracing and materials that make this the most ridged car on the market and that means you get a car that will last and not have the problems of less ridged body's. It also is about 6" wider than most and that allow's you to get a Std 10" wide wheel under the body with a Standard Rear axle. No need to shorten the axel like most others. The Pacific Roadster can be built from all off the shelf Parts

132346 / 1965 Backdraft Racing Cobra Roadster
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/6n9jr73 This Backdraft Racing Cobra is one of those special ones that raise the bar for everyone else. It is a brand new build with fresh components used throughout. Looking brilliant in Sterling Silver with a bright silver stripe, it's a sophisticated twist on the usual blue or red Cobra, but with all the original race-bred DNA intact. The beautifully finished body is one of the nicest we've seen. There are no waves or ripples in the substrate, and the gelcoat is even so that none of the fiberglass matting shows through. Proper finish work has resulted in a laser-straight Cobra that probably looks every bit as good as a fully restored aluminum original. Although the body screams, "427!" under the hood you'll find a built small block Ford. Based on the compact and lightweight 302, it has been bored and stroked to 347 cubic inches, making for one formidable powerplant. The engine compartment itself is beautifully finished, with a polished stainless firewall and gloss black inner fenders—heck, even the bottom of the hood has been sanded and smoothed to look as good as the rest of the body. The engine wears cool Ford Racing valve covers that have a high tech satin blue finish, with a matching air cleaner on top of the Holley double pumper. An Edelbrock intake is the perfect companion for the Holley, and an MSD ignition system lights the fires. You can see the quality in this build with the polished stainless hard lines for the coolant and that gorgeous polished overflow tank is something the originals never had, but perhaps should have. Forget Toploader 4-speeds, this modern-day Cobra hits the road with a bulletproof 5-speed overdrive unit that delivers whiplash-inducing acceleration, yet still allows this roadster to loaf along at highway speeds. The suspension is fully independent, front and rear, where a lot of lesser Cobras use a rigid axle that the original Cobra never offered. The difference is a Cobra that will dance with you on the track instead of biting you when you push it too far. Brakes, of course, are massive discs at all four corners, and thanks to this car's featherweight construction, they're absolutely impervious to fade on the street, no matter how hard you're running. And there's simply nothing that looks better on a Cobra than a set of Halibrand-style wheels, with this one wearing a set of 17s with genuine knock-offs that even have the correct safety wire holding them in place. A set of beautifully stitched and formed black leather buckets form the foundation of the interior, and they're a massive upgrade over the shells that came in original Cobras and most replicas. Featuring the Backdraft Racing logo embroidered on the backrest, these seats are ergonomically designed with better lateral and thigh support, and are adjustable to accommodate drivers over six feet tall. The leather-covered dash is full of electronic instruments that keep an eye on all the engine's vitals, and look great doing it. A custom shifter that is canted forward like the original manages the 5-speed, while a beautiful wood rimmed steering wheel looks right at home in the vintage roadster's interior In back, the trunk is surpsingly spacious, thanks to the fuel tank being located beneath the car. Fully carpeted as well, it can carry a week's worth of clothes for you and a passenger, or perhaps the proverbial two sets of golf clubs. Not bad for a two-seater. So to all you guys with nice Cobra replicas out there, this is the standard by which we'll be measuring in the future. Beautifully finished, sinister to look at, and frighteningly fast, this Cobra delivers on the promises made by its appearance. Craftsmanship matters, and engineering, both on the manufacturer side and the assembler side, is critical. This is a Cobra that's docile enough to drive around town, but designed for the rigors of the track. And they simply never go out of style. Call today!

Dons Awesome Cobra Video
Factory Five Cobra Roadster FFR#5519

Aluminator Powered 1965 Shelby Cobra Replica Blows Tires Loose on Dyno
Shelby Cobra Replica. Ford Racing Aluminator Long Block with 6-71 Blower Shop Blower, Snow Methanol Injection, Quick Fuel Blower carb with Carolina Chassis Dyno Tune. 650+ RWHP with only 16 lbs..... Traction Limited. LOL

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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